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Can a sinus infection cause...

Can a sinus infection cause the top of your gums swell and create a pus pocket which drains from the gum? I know it sounds kins of yuck, but my daughter has something going on. Facial swelling(top lip,cheeks,nose area),upper front teethaches (like 4 of them) pressure/very painful feeling throughout nose/mouth area.No fever or runny/stuffy nose. I was google-ing her symptoms, sinus infection was the most accurate. She already went to the doctor and got antibiotics which have helped greatly for the pain and swelling. The doctor said it was some sort of infection, I just want to know if it was a sinus infection, or possible a tooth infection of some sort? and therefore we should take her to the dentist? She has good oral hygiene, up-to-date dentist visits and no major dental work done in that area. Plus she does suffer from seasonal allergies which stated affecting her about two weeks ago. I assume her allergies irritated her sinuses and went on from there. We treat allergies with local honey but it takes time to kick in. The whole thing started a week ago,suddenly. That is why I doubt it is dental related.
Opinions? Thank you in advance.
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