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4 year old won't sleep!

Hi, I have a 4 year old daughter who goes up to bed fine without coming out of her room during the night but does not go to sleep until me or my husband goes to bed. (we always check they are asleep before we go to bed, and we go to bed a different times since we found out that she is not sleeping)
We have found that when we go to check on her and my other two children she is wide awake. We then check on her half and hour later and find she is fast asleep.
By her not sleeping when we put her to bed she is very tired during the day. Is there any advice you can give that will help her. Thanks
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Try ,her room is quiet ,dark and comfortable to sleep.

second, give her ,bee honey, or Warm milk, or Cabbage or Banana, or Potato ,before going to bed. This help to get good sleep.

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Hi, welcome to the forum, inadequate sleep in night has consequences which include daytime sleepiness and fatigue, reduced alertness, and compromised performance in specific neurobehavioral domains.

Children today are subjected to violence, illicit behaviors, Video games, violent and unrestricted television programs and illicit music which are leading to nervous conditions in children who in turn suffer insomnia. Environment and climatic changes are also some causes of insomnia.

Medical conditions and sleeping disorders are other areas of conditions that are affecting millions of children and leading to insomnia in such younger age. If your child spends long times looking at the TV, listening to music or playing video games, loud music etc then  this is going to affect the nerves, and your child is not growing properly and insomnia most likely will continue in your child’s life.

You need to convince her for daily exercise, restrict the video games, loud music etc. With this you need to make her room silent without any disturbance, give warm bath before sleep, avoid day sleeping, make him physically tired by jogging or exercise so at the end of the day she sleeps due to tiredness and maintain healthy diet.

I suggest you to consult pediatrician. Take care and regards.

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