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I cant remember period between waking up and falling asleep

I'm a 14 year old female, with no serious health problems. So, i don't think i've ever experienced a blackout or loss of memory (maybe it has happened and i can't remember) but i think i just came across that today.
I felt really tired today, so i went to sleep at 1pm, but i had to wake up by the time my parents came home to open the door for then which was locked from the inside.
When i woke up at around 9pm, i saw both of my parents home. I freaked out and asked them how they got in, because the only way to get in is if i open the door. My dad told me that he came home around 6pm and i opened the door just like i normally do. But he mentioned that for some reason i was holding up a flashlight(it wasnt even slightly dark yet). Apparently we had a small chat and then i helped him get the grocery bags to the kitchen. Then i fell asleep again.
The problem is, i dont remember ANY of this. I'm really confused and scared and i dont know what to do...
I was questioning my parents and they laughed at me like there was no way of that happening.
I hope some of you have answers for me, otherwise i dont know what i'll do. Who knows how many times this has happened or how many time it will happen again...

Thank you, have a nice day everyone ^_^
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I use to have a similar issue as yours but now it doesn't happen as it use to anymore. From my point of view, i think as times go by as you growing up and become conscious of yourself, i know and believe it would come to a stop.
For the mean time be very careful and also be prayerful too.
Wish you all the best my dear. Take care.
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Hello! If I was in your position, I would pay closely attention to see if it happens again. If it does, I would mention it to my parents, and ask them to see if I could go and see a sleep specialist. If it keeps happening, it is not consider as normal. It may be a sleep disorder such as sleep walking.
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Yeah I would definitely monitor it to see if it happens again. A one time thing doesn't seem very alarming but if it becomes a habit I'd start worrying more.
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