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Sleepless nights

My husband has had sleep problems since he was a teenager and it only seems to be worse now.  He takes Zolpidem (not every night) and times it might help but other nights it doesn't work at all.  I have now realized that this has effected his daytime activities.  I can not let my guard down while he is driving a car or the motorcycle.  He has severe issues of being able to stay awake doing those things.  Once,he found himself in a place that he had no idea how he got there. I was not with him at that time, but it sure concerned  him.  Caffiene does not eliminate the problem.  I need help or advice as to what we should do.  Please supply any recommendations.  We live in Texas near Ft.Worth.  Awaiting a quick reply.  I am concerned about getting in a vehicle with him.  Zolpem, as I sai, works sometimes but it makes him a little crazy and it takes hours to work.  Please help us
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Cognitive behavioural therapy might work...take him to a psychologist or a psychotherapist..sleeping pills don't work if taken for a long period...also ask him to excercise regularly but it should be kept in mind that he should not excercise two hours before bed..bathing an hour or two before bed is also useful..try this for two nights of it doesn't work cognitive behavioural therapy certainly will..though it takes time to work..consult a clinucal psychologist or a psychotherapist they will help you better..do ask them about cognitive behavioural therapy.
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Hi Molli,

Has your husband had a sleep study done--he may have sleep apnea.

It will give you a better idea of his sleeping patterns, and you need to switch drugs.

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