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Sorry!  Needed to start a new post as it was taking ages for the other one to load.  One of the joys of living in the country and being at the very end of a line.

Have you thought about asking for respite while your T is away?  Would that help to take some pressure off you?
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I hope all this stress resolves itself soon.

Take care.
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I thought he had left for good and then he came back, i told him to go back to work but he won't.
It was a stressful day yesterday, i am still not sure about respite, its all the rushing about before that is stressful and then i have to come home and cook and stuff so it kind of ruins it, i will talk with my social worker tomorrow and see what she says.
I am really tired today as well i was really panicky all night and then i got up early, my mood is a lot worse when i am tired.
Hope you got some sleep. Take care
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Left for good?  That would be good.  Seriously.  I know it would be a huge struggle for you but you would have some freedom.
Maybe your partner resents being at home.  Let him go and go back to work.  good luck to him.
I agree.  People should take a look at themselves also.

Yes and no.  Have no passport, etc yet.

Still feeling tired.  I think I might go back to bed for a bit now.

Talk again soon.
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I'm glad you got sleep. Yeah its next Friday i have therapy and i am supposed to see my social worker on Thursday at the residental place but i'm not going now, i had a massive argument with my partner so he has left, i am fed up he is too controlling i might be unwell at times but i'm not stupid. He was complaining because i was going to respite and he said it was my fault he gave up work so basically he was saying that the assault that happened was my fault because he gave up work because we thought i had a stalker so how is it my fault. Anyway i am angry at him there are so many issues around it.
A full moon is lovely espically in winter i love the autumn, i don't like summer it always rains. The drive last night was ok his aunt is a bit strange and they say i have problems i think they need to look at themselves.
Are you looking forward to going away?
I hope you have a good day and feel better after a good sleep. Take care
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I got some sleep.  I took a couple of lorazepam.  Have still been feeling really tired.
Was your therapy session this week, or next week?  The dates confuse me a little.  The 30th here is a Friday.

I hope you enjoy your drive.  Is a full moon here so is lovely.  I hope it is there too.
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I hope you have a really good time. Its good you have family to stay with.
Yeah i know we shouldn't rely on them so much, maybe you would get more help if you moved somewhere else so then leaving your GP would be worth it.
If my therapist left or my social worker i would feel so devastated i wish i didn't feel like that. I saw my therapist today in the shop but i wasn't in a position to say hello.
Did you get some sleep?
I am going to the lakes soon even though its late,my partners aunt is here and he wants to take her out i don't really want to go but i have too, i feel like its my space out there.
I panicked so many times today when out shopping i hate it.
Not so depressed today but anxious and panicky no middle ground at all, i don't know which is worst.
I hope you have a good day. Take care
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