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Papillary cancer - Thyroglobulin antibodies

Hi Dr Lupo,
I'm a 45 year old female. I underwent a total thyroidectomy in Dec 2009 for Papillary thryoid cancer T2,N1b, M0, involving both sides of the thyroid, though the left side was microcarcinoma which did not show up on any ultrasound scans.  I had RAI 131 treatment 29 Jan 2010 at which time my Thyroglobulin was 3.9 and thyroglobulin antibodies were 2.  I had a test on the 2 March 2010 which showed zero change,still Thyroglobulin at 3.9 and antibodies at 2. My endocrinologist said to wait and see as the RAI131 can take time to work.  I'm worried that my cancer is still there somewhere. What is the normal timescale for thyroglobulin to decrease after RAI 131 and what effect will my antibodies have on my test results?  Sorry, I'm quite a bit worried as you can imagine, I have two little boys and I can't get this out of my head.  
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Hi, can anyone help with my question about Thyroglobulin of 3.9 and Thyroglobulin antibodies of 2 please.

I can't post to Dr Lupo's forum. I have tried umpteen times on diff days but it says they have had the max number of posts to that forum each day.
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Still early, I have had the same, TT june 09, RAI July 09, my Thyrogen injection test is scheduled for June.  I think it is still too early to know.  I think you have to be regulated for a while longer, but ask your doctor.
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