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Regenerated thyroid tissue ?

Ok, I just had my B12, D, cortisol, ferritin  folic acid done this am, the cortisol was a fasting test so I had to go bk this morning, but my t3 results are bk.
As of 7/20/18 there are as follows
T3 uptake 31 range is 22-35
T3 total 127 range 76-181
Ft4 1.4 range 0.8-1.8
Tsh 0.02 range 0.04-4.50
Ft3 4.0 range 2.3-4.2
Rt3 20 range 8-25
Quest Diagnostics Tucker ga
T3 antibody ( triiodothyronine) is incomplet ..... sent to Sa Juan Capistrano Ca

Any thoughts ?

A side note, 38 years ago I had a tubal done after my middle child was born. Two ectopic pregnancies w/ in two years and then 15 years later I conceived my son. Healthy pregnancy although he was a twin and the twin never really developed. He is now almost 21. Is it possible for remnants of thyroid tissue to preform so adequately ?
I will wait for my other test results before contemplating other possible factors although I’m back at a loss as to what would have my heart so  erratic and the lethargy. Menopause ? I had a partial hysterectomy 19 years ago because my ovaries were fine and I wanted no more unplanned babies.

I’v always included daily walks throughout my life for cardio, weight management and overall health. The heart is a muscle and I worked it. The last 7 months I haven’t, was taking a break and then I started getting sluggish. Could it be the old adage “ if you don’t use it you loose it “ playing a part maybe ? Perplexed
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