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Sunday Weigh-In August 5, 2018

Good morning... we're up for a bright, sunshiny day and it looks like it's going to be another hot one.  I'm back home again and I was right - I did put on some weight, but I hope it's not going to last very long.  I began having trouble with my stomach and by the time we got home, I was so bloated, it was unreal... I can't believe how I used to eat when we lived up north - every time I go up there, I get the reminders... but then that was back in the day when my thyroid still worked and I had normal a metabolism so I could handle it - or at least I thought I could.  I see now, though, why I had so much trouble with my stomach all the time, even though I was very thin and never had trouble with my weight until I did develop Hashimoto's that went undiagnosed for many years.

I also see why so many of my family members are overweight and 3 of my older siblings have type II diabetes and all 5 of them have heart issues.  There was, at least, one type of bread and sometimes 2 or more at each meal, along with pasta salads, mashed potatoes, and of course, this is the time for sweet corn to be getting ready... starch, starch, and more starch... lol  I won't even talk about the amount of salt that's put on everything... I'm telling them "no salt on my eggs please" and they're saying "okay, I won't put any on yours", as they're shaking the salt shaker as hard as they can... Whoa - I've had my own heart issues and my cardiologist just gave me a clean bill of health in May - I didn't do that by emptying the salt shaker every time I eat...Anyway, it was no wonder we all went to bed at night with ankles swollen twice their normal size, toes and fingers looking like sausages, etc...

Oddly enough, with all that, I did actually only gain 3.5 pounds, which is certainly more than I wanted/planned to gain, but not as much as I'd thought I had gained.  Yesterday when I stepped on the scale, it said I'd already dropped 2.5 pounds, but this morning, I'm back up again by 2 lbs, so I guess that loss must have been fluid...

I'd run out of probiotics just before we left to go on vacation, so I have to go get some more ordered; in the meantime, I'm struggling to get my stomach back on track and get rid of all the extra fluid, which may take as much as a week or more.  It's much easier for me to gain weight than it is to lose it, these days, so this isn't going to be an easy task.  

Right now, I'm pretty much back where I started when we first began the challenge - who would ever think one could gain 3.5 lbs in a single week??

So - enough about me.  What's up with y'all?  I'm sure you've done a lot better than I did and I'm anxious to hear about it. I know school is getting started so everyone is busy getting supplies, new clothes, going through the enrollment process, meeting teachers, and doing all sorts of different things as we watch summer come to an end.
I'm looking forward to hearing about your week...

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~  
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Hi, I'm away, and didn't pack the scale after all, so I'll weigh in on Thursday morning.

Made my stepmom and her kids and grandkids a taco dinner tonight. I don't usually eat too much when I'm the cook, and every time I turned around another person was there wanting another tortilla, but it's been a funny trip. We took a midnight ferry (it's a 5-6 hour race to get to the ferry before it sails. We left our town at 4:30 pm and just prayed there would be no traffic stoppages between Portland and Seattle). So we didn't eat between 4:30 and midnight, and then were starving, so dinner was a couple of candy bars each. We'll see what that did for the old tummy fat.

But mostly I've been toeing the line dietarily. The main thing that I do right when we travel is not snack. If we get three full meals a day it's lucky, usually it's two big ones. But at least they are meals, and mostly well balanced, instead of me swinging into a drive-through while out on errands in order to sneak a soda. And my love affair with the Doctor seems to be on the wane anyway, since that zen camp. I've been drinking San Pelegrino with my food.

Will let you know Thursday morning what the end score is!
Your weekend sounds like a race to the finish line... lol  Actually, it sounds familiar and fun... It sounds like summer - at least this last part of it - has been pretty good to you, with the zen camp, traveling with family, etc.  Ahh, the affair with the good doctor is going by the wayside; it will be interesting to see how much difference that makes.  

It's odd how traveling affects us all differently, isn't it?

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Once again i am late!!  I am down .4.  I didnt eat very well this last week and i am paying for it.  I ate more beef than usual and my belly just cant handle that.  Fish and chicken are on the menu for the rest of the week.

Speaking of sweet corn, i havent had one ear!!  I love that with a ton of butter and salt so decided to opt out this year.  Havent had corn since last October but just the thought of diving into an ear dripping with butter makes my mouth water.  I have a feeling i would be up half the night with a bad bad belly too so that also deters me from that luxury!

Barb, you do have a point about the food eaten around here.  Midwesterners are known for being hearty eaters!!  Most of the critters here are corn fed so the meat just melts in your mouth, not to mention sticking to your arteries!   Coffee is still doctored up with egg at the local churches!

Summer is winding down here, football practices are in full swing, county fairs are going and soon the State Fair will be starting.  Corn has already tassled and ears are formed.  Crickets are coming in the houses at night now and the cicada's are making their noises.

I am dog sitting for my daughters 2 dogs..a Golden Retriever and a Black Lab.  Adding that to my 2,  german short hair/chocolate lab and the beagle  it is like kindergarten roundup here!  They get along great and none of them are pups anymore which is a plus!  Lots of hair and toys everywhere!  I vacuum everyday to try and keep up!  Our german short hair gets her undies in a bunch at times if the other 2 get to close to me!!  My daughter and family are in Tennessee right now on vacation and enjoying themselves.  She deserved to get away.

Time to let the dogs out and get ready for bed!
Not to worry about being late... it's only Tuesday, so you're still in the same week... lol

At least your weight went in the right direction... I know there are some people who can't handle a lot of beef.  I have a good friend that can't eat beef or pork without getting sick.  Her diet consists of fish, chicken, beans, and other sources of protein.  Personally, I eat a lot of beef and it's never been a problem for me...

Oh yeah - the sweet corn... it was really good, but I did limit myself to part of one small ear and although I do pile on the butter, I don't put salt on mine unless I'm at home, because I use Himalayan Sea Salt instead of regular table salt.  I do eat a lot of butter, but then I eat a high-fat diet, which is the only way I've been able to lose weight (High Fat, Low Carb) since I became hypo... butter, olive and coconut oils, along with avocados and high-fat fish, etc are my best friends...  Of course, I have to keep everything within reason... lol  

You're right about Midwesterners being hearty eaters, but then they've always been hard workers.  I think that's one reason why some of them are becoming obese, though - the work has become easier, with all the automation.  When I was a kid (and young wife) on the farm, we did almost everything by hand, from slopping the hogs to slinging hay bales (yeah, I did that...lol) and we needed all that "heartiness" to get us through the day; now so many things are automated and they can do in an hour what it used to take us a good share of the day to get done.  Now they sit in tractors or offices and watch it on computer screens - well that's over-simplified because there are some chores that are still really hard, but it's not as hard as it used to be...

I grew up on that corn-fed beef and there's nothing better tasting, but I do buy grass-fed when I find some that's affordable.  I eat a lot of eggs, so I can deal with the coffee doctored with eggs - that does have a tendency to make it taste better though I'd never do it at home... lol

We could feel that "chill" in the air that tells us summer isn't to be for much longer.  The corn and beans in SD looked awesome and seems to be a bumper crop, but some in NW Iowa looked like it was stressed.  It had been so wet/underwater earlier, now they need rain.  Corn had ears, but no pods on the beans; in fact, some of the beans weren't even knee high yet...The smaller ones won't stand an early frost.

It sounds like you have quite the menagerie at your house... maybe you should add a couple of cats to the mix.  lol   It's good that the dogs all get along.  I hope your daughter has a good vacation.  With school starting soon and everything else that's happened, everyone needs a break...
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