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Sunday Weigh In October 17, 2021

Good morning.  How is everything this morning?  It looks like it's going to be another beautiful fall day here, but I'm sure not liking the shorter days.  

It's been pretty quiet here, but rather busy as well.  I've had demonstration to do for our woodworking group. along with dealing with secretarial issues.  I've also been busy with my calligraphy guild - I'm the membership officer, so that's been keeping me busy, plus I'm preparing for a demonstration next month.  I had a class that took all of yesterday and have another class to prepare for in 2 weeks.  I love it, but it does keep me busy.

Husband and I also finished trimming the trees we'd been working on for a couple of weeks.  The yard sure looks better without all those bushy branches hanging over the fence.  Now to keep them trimmed off, so it doesn't get back the way it was.

I've kind backslid a little bit with the food this week, as I cooked a couple of pretty hefty meals, one of which was ham, so you can imagine what the salt did.  Even at that, my weight has ended up the same as the past couple of weeks.  I'd rather it be going down, but at least, it's not going up, as long as I stay away from the sodium/salt.  Staying busy makes a huge difference because I don't have time to think about whether I'm hungry or not or to think about snacking.

How's your week going?  I hope it's been good and you've been able to reach whatever goal(s) you set for yourself.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Nice that you stayed the same weight even after backsliding! Eating more than usual but not gaining weight is almost like losing. lol

Also nice to hear you got the forest pruned back. If we buy the house we're looking at, we're going to need an arborist for a very tall tree overhanging the house. It's a mature yard, with tons of pruning to do that we can reach ourselves, but some we won't be able to manage. A huge ice storm last winter took out lots of big trees -- it's lucky for the seller that the big one overhanging the house didn't fall on it. At least a fourth of it (on a trunk parallel to the main trunk) needs to be removed, and it's fifty feet tall. That kind of work gets pricey fast.

I gained a pound this week, also from eating more than usual. I made a big pot of chili and fresh cornbread every time we ate it, and we have had this meal twice in three days. It's not quite as bad as it could be because I used that "impossible meat" that's really not meat. It tastes about the same in chili, and since our son is a vegetarian I can't make beef-based chilis and ham-based soups any more and expect him to eat dinner with us. So, no meat-based fats were in the meal (if you don't count the butter in the cornbread), but we still ate like there was no tomorrow. And sweets for dessert, too. No surprise to have gained, but fortunately this was after several weeks of small losses. (In other words, I can still wear my jeans.) My son and I have made a new resolution about increasing our exercise. He needs it for his moods, and I just need it.

Weather has been lovely, clear fall days here -- rain this morning, though. That's also classic for early October, both sun and rain.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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