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Sunday Weigh-In December 16, 2018

Good morning...Wow - this week went by fast, although it seemed like it was dragging while it was in progress... sure that makes sense.  :-)  We had a bit of cold spell (cold for us), then rain set in and we haven't seen the sun for a couple of days.  That's devastating for me as I need my light and have a tendency to get a little stir-crazy when it's dark, dreary and I can't get out and do things.  Although I've never been officially diagnosed (because I've never talked to my doctor about it), I believe that's called Seasonal Affective Disorder, otherwise known as SAD.  The short days of winter aren't helpful with this, in the least.  Anyway, it's stopped raining and I'm hoping that we, at least, get a glimpse of the sun today.

So - there hasn't been a lot going on here, with the rain and all.  I've been trying to get ready for Christmas, but who likes shopping in the rain?  Certainly, not I.  I'm not a big internet shopper, at least for some things because I tend to prefer being able to see, touch, examine what I'm buying to make sure it's exactly what I want.  Online shopping is nice because it's convenient not to have to fight traffic and crowds, but I dislike having to wait for an order to come in the mail, then return things if it turns out it's not what I wanted. Last year, I looked everywhere for a certain type of coloring book for my granddaughter and although I did end up ordering a couple of them, none were exactly what I wanted.  I still can't find them this year so I'll print the pages from images I've found online and make the book myself...

All in all, I'm actually a bit ahead of holiday preparations this year because I made most of my Christmas gifts and of course, my adult kids get money so that's definitely easier.

So - weight-wise, I actually forgot to weigh when I first got up this morning (how could I?), but I haven't been doing so well and I'm not sure what's going on.  My weight has been on a steady incline, for some reason, although I've actually changed my diet for the better - cut out the simple carbs, etc. and I haven't been at the computer much, so not a lot of sitting.  I saw my cardiologist on Monday and medications got changed again, but if, anything that should have had a positive effect on my weight because he increased the dosage of the medication that helps eliminate fluid from my body.  I have had a lot of bloating and digestive issues, so that's part of the problem, but not sure why that's going on.

I haven't been walking like I was for a while, but I hadn't been doing that for a few weeks; perhaps that's just now catching up with me. That could also be part of the digestive issue - not enough exercise keeps things from working like they should.

Anyway, I do my weight first thing in the morning and since I didn't, today, I'll be sure to do it tomorrow and post it for my official weigh in as I've been sitting around, had coffee, etc this morning, so I know it won't be the same now as it was when I got up.

So... how about everyone else?  Have you met your goal(s) for the week?  Be sure to let us know how you're doing, what success you had, problems you might be having, help you need, etc.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I weighed this morning expecting bad news because the boys brought home fudge last night and I had lots of it. We also have Almond Roca in the house (Christmas is a killer) and I've been eating pistachio croissants from Starbucks, three this week, wow are they good. In short, I expected my usual up-point-6-of-a-pound, at least. But I also ran around like a crazy person yesterday cleaning my house in a huge hurry, which not just involved nonstop action, it also required lifting and toting heavy boxes. Maybe I put out more energy than I thought, or else I have finally dumped some water weight that a rather salty diet had been giving me for a few weeks, because unexpectedly I'm down a pound and a half. Haven't seen that kind of loss in one week since the first week of the spring weight challenge. I thought it might be because of how I was standing on the scale, even. But I weighed twice and it seems real. A surprise, to say the least.

The other part of this that might have an impact is that I am aware of a determination to simply be a lighter eater. (Not necessarily healthier, just less.) It's not a deprivation thing, I eat until I don't want more, I just find myself eating less of each thing. Maybe it is a more conscious focus on amounts. I don't serve myself as much, or I won't order something because it's too big, or I will leave food on my plate.  Maybe I just don't want the tummy THAT MUCH. (Or maybe it's a coincidence and the mental set is not causing the weight loss. It didn't do much for me last week or the week before. lol)

I had to pack away our boxes of Christmas cards (that need to be sent out) in order to get the house clean, now I can hardly stand the idea of digging them out again and getting them ready to send. But that's gotta happen this week. Also, we're still struggling with whether to move our son to a different school. I'll be having an appointment with their vice principal this week. Other than that, only the mundane is on the schedule.

Hope everyone has a good week!
Okay, I get it - you're losing it and tossing it across the country and it's landing on my butt... lol  1.5 pounds down is awesome.  Whatever you're doing, keep doing it... you should only have about 3.5 more pounds to go, right?  

I think some people do get to a point at which some of those things that make it easier to lose just kind of come to them.  You seem to be one that's getting it down pat. I thought I had it, too, because I was going down every week, but suddenly my weight just jumped right back up again and I can't figure out why because I didn't really change anything except that I stopped walking every day.

It's too bad you had to put away all the Christmas cards only to have to get them all out again.  Hopefully, you won't have a lot left to put away again, after getting them addressed and ready to go.  

I guess things haven't changed much for your son at school?   Good luck with the meeting with the Vice Principal. I hope you get the answers you want/need.
I don't think I do have it down pat, feeling every week like the shoe might drop and surprise I'll be up a pound. But there seems to be something to my stubbornness about being conscious of when to stop eating. I think I used to keep eating even when full, and that has not happened now for a while.

Nooo, son is still unhappy, and the new school district places a high value on that NOT happening when kids come to middle school, figuring it affects their academics. I appreciate that opinion because my son's present middle school could not care less about actively trying to help the kids find peer support cohorts. I think the principal at his present school would not even know what that phrase means, let alone spend one lick of effort on helping in that way.
Maybe you're just more aware of the full feeling and laying down the fork and pushing the plate away when you feel it.  I still have that "thing" about eating what's on my plate and/or not wasting food - I cooked it, so "somebody" has to eat it... it's just my husband and I here and he won't eat leftovers, so I tend to eat more so I don't have to save anything.  If I cook something he doesn't eat, I still tend to cook too many servings, otherwise it's not worth cooking, right???  :-(   "Somebody" needs to change their mentality, right???   Sorry, I just had that revelation as I was sitting here typing it...

Well, I do believe that if kids aren't happy in school, it certainly affects their academics... they're going to be more focused on how unhappy they are than on what they're supposed to be learning.  All schools should be concerned about whether or not their students are happy and well-adjusted; if they aren't something needs to be done.   If his current school is so uncaring about such things, it may be best for your son to be in a different school, where he can be comfortable.  Good luck with the meeting...
Thanks. We're looking at houses, and found one we loved that was in the next-door district. They can do an in-district transfer, but it will take some work. And there is no certainty we will get the house. The stock market dropped today, and my husband is getting nervous about money [yet again].

As for eating more so you don't have to save anything, and cooking extra so you don't waste your time with cooking puny amounts, I'm sure especially aware of the last one. When I was in grad school, I ate single-serving spaghetti and salad from a spaghetti take-out place for my meals, because I couldn't stand to do so much cooking and clean-up for just my (one person's) food. When my husband came to visit, or when students had potlucks, I would cook, and didn't mind the clean-up either. But I hated doing it for just myself, and anything that took more than one pan, forget it.  I can see making extra amounts because the hassle of prepping, cooking and cleaning up after the meal makes it seem like all that effort had darn well better produce a lot of results! lol But if you also feel obliged to eat everything you cook, that wars with your intention to improve your health.

Try telling your brain that if you aren't hungry, even entire portions that cost money and effort to produce, are (-gasp!-) better thrown away in the kitchen trash than in your stomach. This idea (and trying it out by being willing to throw away perfectly good food! Oh my God!) will start to change the habit of cooking more to justify all the effort of cooking.. If you aren't hungry, a half-eaten plate turned away is an important and valuable thing. It's even possible that if you internalize this idea enough, it will back up into the production area, and you'll begin to calibrate the amount that you cook downward so you can still honor your deeply held value of avoiding waste.
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Guess I'm saying (short form) is that you need to break the chain:

hassle to cook ---> cook a lot so it seems worth the effort

cook a lot --->  have a lot of food at meal

lot of food at meal ---- > wasting food is a sin

eating food to not waste it----> put on weight, hard on health

But the value of "health" is important enough to look at the links and see where they can be attacked. I attack the chain at the "gotta eat it because it's a sin to waste it" link, but another link might be a better one for someone else.


Somewhere that chain is leads
oops -- that  last phrase is an accident. lol! It almost looks like it says that chain leads to hell. :)
Point I'm making (and not doing it very well) is that the weight gain is the result of several different values colliding, like, make lots of food if I'm bothering to cook at all, and don't waste! All the values are good, they just add up to an inexorable upward creep in eating, so it's a good thing to question them all and where we can break in.
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