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I am 13 and my friends make fun of me for being obese

How can I lose weight at 13, should I stop eating and should I start exercising and is it too early for me to go to the gym
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Hi, your friends have no business making fun of you for being obese, more and more the research shows that the tendency to put on weight comes from a person's biology, not their willpower.

Regarding "should I stop eating," no of course not. The body needs fuel, and you are in school so your brain does too. But one thing I can tell you from my own experience is that if I cut out sweet things, that is good for my body and often does help me drop weight. (It only takes a week or so to adjust the taste buds to not be craving sweets.) So do eat a balanced diet, but work out how to avoid things that are known to be bad for people to eat.

It's never too early to exercise, but you don't have to "go to the gym." There are a lot of ways to work out at home. There are also a lot of instructions online, like yoga or Pilates workouts, that you can watch and follow what they say.  There's also walking, weeding the yard, running, doing laps up and down flights of stairs, and more. Your P.E. teacher might be able to give you some suggestions for how to develop an at-home routine.

Your goal should be to be healthy, not to aim for a particular number on the scale. Both being balanced in your eating and adding exercise to your daily routine will help with that goal.
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