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Summer Weight Loss Challenge

Who’s ready for bikini time??  Certainly, not I……………..

With just 6 weeks before the first day of summer, this seems like a good time to start a new challenge, to get “fit and fine”, for the bikini, bathing suit, sundress, shorts and tank top, or whatever your favorite dress code is for summer.  

Oh, and let’s not forget that we’ll be healthier for losing those excess pounds!!

I, personally, have too much weight to lose, to think of getting into a bathing suit of any kind, this summer; I might opt for shorts and tank top …….. at any rate, it’s long past time for me to get busy and get the weight off.  

SO – in order to get as “fit and fine” as I can, and knowing that small goals aren’t so daunting, I’m committing to losing no less than 1 pound/week for the next 6 weeks – that’s from now till June 21st, which is the first day of summer.

“Only 6 pounds”, you say?……. well, that will be 6 pounds less than I weigh today, and if I am real diligent, maybe I can lose more; AND losing 6 pounds just might be the encouragement I need to keep going to lose the rest of the weight I need to lose….

I’m challenging every one of you to “meet or beat” my goal.  

All you have to do to join in, is make a commitment to lose at least 1 pound/week.  Can’t be *that* hard, right??  Hmmmmmm, we’ll see about that!!  LOL

So here we go; just post below that you want to join, then start by losing (weight, that is).  We will use our Sunday Weigh In thread to keep track of progress. For those not familiar with the Sunday Weigh In – this is a post that I do each week (on Sunday…. lol), in which we post our weight loss for the previous week, “brag” about our successes, talk about whatever problems we might have encountered, what we might do to change things, encourage those having problems staying on course, etc……….. Watch for it – I post it every Sunday morning, with the title “Sunday Weigh In (date)”.  

Everyone is welcome to post on the weigh in thread, whether or not you choose to join this challenge.

Are you ready??   LET’S “WIN” BY LOSING (weight, that is)……………….
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Welcome Spermdonor22!  You can keep updated on everyone's progress here:


So sorry to hear about your dog that can be pretty devastating to lose a best friend :(  We are certainly here for you.
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Congratulations Risa615 on the loss, you are an inspiration to us all! :D
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It does feel good to watch that scale move, 9 more pounds to go!

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Welcome to the newcomers.... glad to have you all on board.  - wishing everyone the best of luck and want to make sure you all post on the Sunday Weigh in......... that's what hold us accountable.........
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Right well Im in -  aiming to lose 40lb in 26 weeks so I MUST be able to lose 1lb a week right?

What day is weigh in day?
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sorry did something wrong
right weight this time:
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