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Sunday Weigh in April 16, 2023

Good morning.  How is everyone doing today.  I hope you've had a great week.  We finally got a couple inches of rain last night to help ease our drought conditions.  The yard seems to look more green already.  

My week has been busy with doctor's appointments, calligraphy classes, etc.  I got the splint on my broken wrist replaced with a brace.  It's removable, but I'm only allowed to take it off to shower.  The doctor said to "wear it, at least 24 hrs/day.  My skin gets pretty itchy under the brace, so I take it off for a few minutes, periodically, though I have to be really still in order to make sure I don't bend/twist my wrist.  

I'm having trouble with the ribs on the left side when I take a deep breath or move certain ways.  They did do x-ray at the ER and said no broken ribs.  I know it can take a while for even bruised ribs to heal, so I'm trying to be patient and hope the Tylenol keeps working for me.  

I'm still walking with my neighbor as many days/week as I can.  Having issues with my ribs sometimes forces me to make the walk a little shorter and/or less intense, but that's okay.  

I haven't weighed this morning, but on Friday, I was down a little over a pound from last week, so it seems that I'm still bouncing around losing/gaining the same pound or 2.  I guess that's better than gaining/losing 6-7 pounds!!  

This coming week will be busy again, with a calligraphy meeting tomorrow and a Study Group on Wednesday.  The Study Group will be at my house, so I've been working to get things cleaned up so I won't be embarrassed when the ladies get here!!   It's not going to be perfect, but that's okay.  Maybe the cookies and banana bread I plan to bake for them will make up for everything else!!  lol  

Anyway, that's my life in a nutshell... I hope you've had a great week and were able to meet/exceed your goal(s).
I look forward to hearing about them.

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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Hi How does your weigh in work? I would like to join and weigh in on Monday so I don't overeat on the weekend.
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Hi, Athena, and welcome! Barb will doubtless answer you in the morning (she's on East Coast time), but the general idea is to challenge ourselves, and to have somewhere to talk about our weight management. We don't name our weight (the overall number) but talk sometimes about whether our goal is ten pounds or 50, and we talk about it if we've gone up in a given week or gone down. We share things that have helped, and talk about exercise, and sometimes discuss it when we've had a binge or an unexpectedly successful week. We chat a bit about our lives if it illuminates things that have changed our weight! lol  For me, it helps to have someone to "report to" because it keeps me more on the straight and narrow. I only weigh once a week on purpose, at the same time of day and before eating breakfast, to try to get a consistent idea overall of gain or loss versus obsessing over every tenth of a pound day by day. Others who have used this forum do weigh every day. It's whatever works best for you. Drop in any time, and I'm sure Barb will say a Monday weigh-in is great.
Hi Athena.  Welcome to the forum.  

Annie pretty well covered the basics of rhe weigh in.  Typically, the goal is lose a pound/week, but if you've read through past weigh-ins, you'll see that doesn't always happen.  :-)  For instance, I have hypothyroidism and since the thyroid controls metabolism, it's pretty difficult to lose, without being super strict with diet/exercise... I do want/need to lose the weight, but for several reasons, I'm not always as disciplined as I need to be.

Life takes us in a variety of directions and we do what we need to, at the time - it's not always in our plan.  :-)  

As I said, our goal is to lose a pound/week, but as Annie explained, "life happens" and we can't always meet our goal.  This is where we discuss things that tend to derail us, so we don't necessarily get to do what we plan, each week.  It's also where we discuss things we're doing that really help stick to a plan.  We, typically, discourage the use of drugs, etc for weight loss, unless there's a medical reason for them.

I post the Weigh In thread on Sunday (hopefully, in the morning, but sometimes life takes over and it's later in the day).  You're welcome to weigh and post on Monday if that works best for you.  As you can see (and Annie explained), we do some chit chat that sort of goes along with the weight loss/gain, because stress, busyness, medical issues, etc all affect how we lose weight.  We understand each other and there's no judgement, but lots of friendship and camaraderie.

Love to have you join us.
Thank you for the information. I wrote down my weight and will be posting how much I lost that week.
I am doing TOPS weight loss as well. Due to sickness in the family I missed several of  my TOPs weigh ins.
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We ate a really huge dinner last night, we had a lot of food that needed to be used up or tossed, so we just kept cooking more things (artichokes? Sure! Potatoes? Toss 'em in the oven!). None of us could finish what was on our plates, so I dreaded weighing this morning. And guess what, my weight is a half-pound less than last week. Go figure. I assume it's been fluctuating a bit during the week, but am glad to take a half pound less after our dinner debauch last night.

We heard from the accountant yesterday that our taxes owing are less than my husband was worried they would be. (I had been less nervous about the amount, just getting them done. But it's hard to ignore a fretting spouse.) Anyway, I'm very glad it's all done, it was stressful to do them this year -- if they didn't give me grey hairs they were setting me on the path to stress weight! So thank heavens, it's over for another year.

Glad you have a removable brace, Barb. You do have to be ultra careful when it's off, but a brace that can come off when it is convenient is so helpful. Now, here are your instructions: when you're out walking, no more wet paint in parking lots, no more bent-up rubber mats. Also other things you haven't tripped or sipped on yet (uneven sidewalk squares being the classic). I hate to even suggest that! :-)

Plans for this week include a lot of housework. It's a shame to finally get a break from taxes and the respite is housework, but that's the way it goes.

Have a great week!

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