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Sunday Weigh In - February 5, 2012

Okay, here we are, at weigh in time, once more.  I hope everyone's had a good week; I haven't!!  

I'm running late this morning, and have to be off in a few minutes, so this will be brief, this week.  

Once again, my weight has been all over the scale, ranging from 147 to 155.  I'm still retaining fluid and still have hypo symptoms, so that's the majority of it. For weigh in, my weight hasn't changed from last week, so I'm sitting steady at 150, which is WAY too much!!

Food wise, I didn't do so bad this week, except that we did stop at McDonald's yesterday, and that wasn't a good thing to to........ salt and fat!!  For exercise, I walked about 3-4 miles every day this week, besides yesterday; not so far yesterday, but did walk.  

I'm getting very frustrated, because if I drop an ounce to 2 today, by tomorrow, I've gained it back, along with several more......... that's with exercising and watching what I eat.

On that note, I have to be off.  I hope everyone else is doing well.  

Remember, we win by losing.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

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I was 212.1 on the 7th.
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Feb. 8, 2012

Hi everyone. I hope you all have had a great week. I know I have. I thought again that I would have gained a few lbs back. My belly is just always feeling so full and bloated. I didn't do to much workouts this week. Just lots of walking. I lost 3 more lbs. So I went from 210 down to 197 in four weeks. I know I am loosing faster that I should be. I actually should be sitting at 200 lbs right now. But I have cut out EVERYTHING in my diet. All I eat now are fruits, veggies, fish or chicken...LOTS of water, a cup of milk and a cup of sweet tea. And I end my day with a cup of Laci Le Beau Super Dieter's Tea (Cleanse). I just feel that I need that extra boost. I don't drink the tea like the package say's. I actually do it less often. More like when I am really feeling the bloat. But it is helping. And so here is to wishing EVERYONE a better week next week! <3
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I actually lost another kg, so I'm down 2 more lbs than I was last week (although being as blocked up as I was last week might have hid any weight loss).

My diet has been much better; I'm eating nothing I really shouldn't be. Although my exercise still leaves much to be desired. I think the change of weather is helping though. After almost 2 weeks of rain and storms we're finally getting our summer weather back; it's really helped lift my mood.

Still having a big problem with fatigue and my tummy. I have an apt with my dr this week, so hopefully I'll find out if it's from my thyroid or be sent to an endo by the end of next week.
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I'm the same as last week, which is highly frustrating seeing as I've theoretically burned off at least 1.5lbs. At least I'm not gaining. I feel like my hips and waist have shrunk slightly, so I'm going to measure tomorrow morning and see if it's true...
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