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Sunday Weigh in January 28, 2024

Good morning, everyone.  How is everyone doing this morning?  I hope you're doing well.  We were gone most of this past week, so didn't do a lot.  

I did have a doctor's appointment on Monday and as I suspected, he pronounced me "doing fine" because all my blood work was "normal", except my PTH levels, which are still high and he's diagnosed secondary hyperparathyroidism, but says my levels aren't "high enough to matter".  Everything I know about parathyroids is that if levels aren't right, it's a problem.  I have to do more research into that.  It's possible that when I get my vitamin D levels higher, my PTH will come down some more as well.  We'll see about that.  Most of the time, I'm not feeling "horrible", so we'll see how things progress.  I think the increase in thyroid medication has done a lot of good, as did the change in my neuropathy medication.

Anyway, since we were gone most of the week (3 days), it was pretty unexciting - well, other than the fact of being away.  The weather was nice and it was good to get away.   Not so good to come back to yard work, etc, but that's life.  

Yesterday, the Cultural Arts Center in the largest city near me had a first ever "chalk walk".  They had chalk artists doing sidewalk art, along with vendors selling their wares.  Our calligraphy doesn't sell anything, but we used chalk markers to write names on black poster board (resembled blackboard) and we had posterboard taped to the table so the kids could write with chalk while they waited for their names to be written in calligraphy.  It was a different experience.  They planned the event to run from 10 AM to 6 PM, which was a very long time.  Of course, most everyone had gone home by 5 PM, so they starting shutting down by 5:15.  I suspect if they have it again next year, they might have it run for less hours.  IMO, 10 am - 4 pm would have been sufficient!!

Having been gone for 3 days of the week, I didn't stick to my usual diet, plus the swelling/edema in my feet was pretty bad so I thought I'd gain weight; however, when we got home, I discovered that not only did I not gain, I actually lost almost a pound - 0.6 lb to be exact.  A pound would have been nice, but considering I'd expected to gain, I'll take that.  Since my on-going goal is to lose a pound a week, I'm hoping to drop a full pound this week.

So that's my story.  How was your week?  I hope it's been good and that you were able to meet you goals.  I look forward to hearing about it.

~~ Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~
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I ate out this morning before remembering to weigh; will weigh in tomorrow.  I've gotten back to my exercise routine and have been eating about the way I do in a usual week, so maybe my weight has just kept level. We'll see.

The weather finally shifted away from being extremely cold; in fact, it was 60 degrees yesterday. There are still a few piles of snow around in the shadows, melted down from bigger piles where they were dumped by someone shoveling or plowing, but almost none are left. This makes it much more attractive to take a walk. I like to walk in the snow, but the ice made everything impossible.

Our small dog woke up Monday and couldn't walk. Her head was tilted way to the side and she kept falling down. Turns out that while shocking to have happen (it looks like the dog has had a stroke), it's just an inflammation in the inner ear, and isn't really that serious (unless caused by something serious, like a tumor). The vet says it usually goes away in about three weeks, though she might end up with a permanent head tilt. The inflamed inner ear is makes the dog's balance goes awry. She is acting like she's extremely seasick, we have to give her motion-sickness medication or she throws up all her food. But she is indeed getting a little better every day. Yesterday she was able to walk to the door to go outside, a first since this hit.  We feel like caregivers for someone geriatric, watching her eating and peeing schedules, giving her meds, and being happy when her rehab has a win.

It's finals week for my son, and he's also beginning to consider colleges. We watched videos last night on YouTube that highlighted various colleges; it was interesting. I'll be glad when he's done with high school and going on to something he chose for himself.

Have a great week!

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I'm glad to hear you're back to normal exercise and eating.  That must feel more comfortable.  It always does for me - like we were gone most of last week and I didn't eat normally or exercise at all.

I'm glad to hear your weather is finally getting warmer -wow - 60° - that's getting up pretty warm.  Ours has been way warm the past week but is about to "dip".  Tonight it's getting down to 47°, then the rest of the week, it will be right around 40° at night and only in the mid 60's during the day vs the upper 80's we've had this past week.

I'm really sorry to hear about your dog.  That must be pretty scary.  It's good to know she will recover but I'm sure it's easy trying to decipher her bathroom habits.  We had a geriatric dog that was deaf and mostly blind.  It was a challenge at times, but thankfully, we had a beagle mix that needed a "job" so her job was to let us know when the other dog needed to toilet.  She was remarkably well at it.

Oh it sounds odd to have you talking about your son considering colleges.  It seems like yesterday that he was entering junior high and having problems, so you found a house in a different district.   Both junior high and high school have been a challenge for him.  Does he have any idea what he wants to pursue in college?  Does he want to stay close to home or go across the country - Harvard, Yale?  This will be one of the most interesting pursuits he'll ever go on!!   Luck to all.
That's a cute story about the ailing old dog and the beagle mix that was her early-warning system for needing to go out. Our dog has gotten better enough that she hasn't had an accident in the carrier she is spending most of her time in, since the second day. Poor thing, though, she still walks with her head tipped over to the side and no depth perception. I've gotten better at grinding up her motion-sickness pill and putting it into a syringe with water and shooting it down her mouth, so she actually gets all of the amount instead of spitting half of it out. If vertigo and dizziness are the biggest problem with this issue, she has to be feeling better from her meds. She had stopped trying to eat because she was just throwing it up, and now she's (cautiously) eating again.

Yes, about college. Our son is interested either in medicine or data science, which I assume could even be blended. He's not averse to going across the country, especially for an Ivy League school, but probably the very top schools will be out of his ballpark unless he does something really cool this summer, when he's got an internship at a hospital. (I don't think they let interning high schoolers do anything very cool, though.) We have to admit he's not going to be like that kid that invented a soap that fights skin cancer. :-)

I did weigh today, and am .3 of a pound more than last week (i.e., pretty much the same). Luckily, we're out of fattening snacks, so I can probably knock that off by tomorrow.
Thanks.  I could actually write a book about my beagle mix.  We got her when she was 2 yrs old and she was 12 when cancer took her.  She was quite a character - very intelligent (beagles, typically are and most of the "mix" was black lab) with a personality all her own.  She actually helped us through 2 geriatric dogs that needed help communicating.

I'm glad you've learned to grind up the pills and mix with water to make sure your dog gets the entire pill.   I'm sure it's a lot easier to put it down her throat with a syringe than try to get her swallow it on her own.   Since she's eating again, let's hope that indicates she's on the mend.  

I had a feeling your son might be interested in the medical field.  I'm sure he could combine data science with medicine in some type of research studies, etc.   Awesome that he's got an internship at a hospital this summer.  Do you have any idea what he'll be doing there?  You never know what he might get into.

Yeah, I'd consider 0.3 lbs pretty much the same.  That could be a matter of when you took a sip of water or went to the bathroom in relation to stepping on the scale.   I'm up by 0.6 lb, but who knows what it will be by the weekend??  :-)
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