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5 weeks no sac yet?

my LMP was april 10 2011 i usually have 32 day cycle. i think i concieved though on april 27, not sure y just a hunch....i got first positive HPT on may 10 very faint line test sensitivity @25.....went to dr next daymay 11 faint line on urine test  blood HCG level at 26 he said come back 7 days next wednesday may 18 blood HCG is now 191.6. we did ultrasound showed nothing . he said last week i was due Jan 17 and that would make me 5 weeks 2 days but i think i ovulated later and am actually 4 weeks 3 days but im not a dr (lol)  he said he feels confidant that it is not a tubal pregnancy ,,,the reason i am worried about this is because i had a tubal reversal last april and i know they pose higher risk for eptopic. dr wants to see me back in 6 days says he is sure we will see sac then  what do u think?? anyone else with similar exp ?????
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Hello i think if your unsure about dates that can be hard to work it all out but if you know the right date it makes it easy.
Plus if it was an eptopic pregnancy you would be in heaps of pain are you ?
Back ack,cramping,peirod pain and lots of bleeding have you had any of these?
You are probley earlier then you think :)
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no, no pain .... how long does it usually take to feel pain from an eptopic pregnancy?

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