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Beware of the doctors office

Beware of the doctors office right now.  There is a severe case of the stomach bug going around.  On Tuesday, December 2nd I took my 19 month old daughter to the doctor for her routine Dr. Appt and her vaccinations.  On Thursday, December 4th I had to rush her to the hospital for non stop vomiting.  She could not even hold her head up anymore.  They hooked her up to an IV and took blood.  Found her white blood cell count was a little high so they started checking for the cause.  No infection anywhere after a chest x-ray, cath urine test and ear tests.  This “BUG” was so bad that they had to admit my baby to the hospital.  She remained sick all night long and still – almost two weeks later has diarrhea and what little appetite she had before getting sick is just starting to come back.   On Sunday, Dec 7th I have to rush myself to the hospital for the same darn thing - I am 4 months pregnant and was so dehydrated they wanted to keep me but I would not stay.

They only cause for this has to be from her doctor’s office – she is not around other kids at all and the office did tell me this “Bug” is going around.  Friday a co-worker’s son was sick and her doctor’s office told her not to bring him in he would leave sicker.  

Just keep your kids away from the doctors unless they are already sick.  I am so frustrated – I don’t even let her touch the toys in there and she still got sick.
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Every time I bring my daughter to the Dr she's sick a week later.  It doesn't matter why I brought her, if it was a well check she ends up with a cold, if she's sick, she'll end up with something new.  It drives me nuts too.  They had me bringing her every 2 weeks to be weighed for poor weight gain, and i finally told them she couldn't possibly gain any weight because every time I brought her there she would be sick until her next check and have a poor appetite.  Tis the season...
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Many places in the US are reporting large outbreaks of Norovirus.

Here's what the CDC has to say:

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The norovirus sounds like what is going around in our area.  My brother had it and I don't think I've ever seen him so sick.  He whole body ached, he had vomitting, diahrea, chills and a fever.  My brothers sickness lasted two full days, he did not eat during that time.  My SIL called today and said that two of her boys are now sick.  I guess our time will be coming soon.  I guess I want be eating anything that I will regret throwing up later.  My brother had hot dogs the night he got sick.  YUCK!  :(
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That is it peek - her final diagnosis was gastroenteritis.  You have no idea how annoyed I am - everything I just read leads me right back to that Drs Office the Tuesday before it all started.  My baby threw up on me at least 100 times.  Of couse I was going to get it which is fine mine was no where near as bad as hers.  When they admitted her she was in isolation that is how bad she was.  All this from a 20 minute dr appt.  Next time I have to take her I am keeping her in her stroller the entire time and not taking her clothes off.

Please Mommies of young babies check with your dr. office before taking your healthy babies in there.  This bug is horrible.
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You can get it anyplace, restaurants, stores, offices, doctors offices, anywhere.

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I've had norovirus.  Sorry to hear it is going around, I have never been so sick in my life as I was with it.  Explosive poops, wishing I could be dead because it would feel better than being so sick, etc. etc.  Right before Christmas, too.  Well, keep your hands sanitized and wash your little ones' hands a lot.  Good luck!

ps I got it at a grocery store, don't just blame the doctor's office.
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That is what my daughter was diagnosed with too (gastroenteritis)..... along with pregnancy just the other night! And I have no idea where she would have gotten it, She is on winter break from school, she hasn't been to the doctors office until she started feeling bad to begin with...so?... maybe just at the mall? I think it is airborne, so you could literally pick it up from anywhere! I think we will just stay here in our 50 acre wood and lock all doors and windows....lol Won't even answer my phone.... hehe
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That scares me! My son has 2 Drs appts this week one on thursday and one on Friday. Would I be out of the way to ask them to take me to an area that he will not get sick?
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From what others are saying it can be caught anywhere but my daughter at that time was only home at at the doctors - my mom babysits her so I know she got hers at the doctor's office and sure enough it was less then 48 hours when it showed up.  Sick kids go to the doctors we cant help that but what about our healthy kids that have to go?  If my dd had to go back and it was just for a routine checkup I would wait until after this bug passes.  If your son needs to go for a reason I would just go with precautions and bring hand sanitizer.  Hand Washing is very important.  I think I may even bring rubbing alcohol with me from now on to wipe down everything that touches my daughter myself.  I know I am nuts but my God after what I had to live through with this stupid bug I dont care if I look like an idiot.  My daughter was so sick and I was so helpless.  
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Keeping us away from the doctor's isn't going to stop us or our children from getting it. Sadly, your hubby or other children can bring it home from work or school. You can pick it up at your local supermarket. The best fight against ANY virus is knowledge.

Thanks for posting so we all know what symptoms to look for. Hope your baby feels better.

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choose a ped that has separate waiting areas for sick and healthy kids. our ped also uses different exam rooms for sick and healthy kids.

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