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Cervical Stitch/Uterine Abnormality

Hi, was hoping to hear from anybody who has had a cervical stitch and how it went. I discovered I had a unicornuate uterus (half Uterus), one fallopian tube, and one kidney when I went into premature labour with my son at 29 weeks. He was delivered by emergency section which is when they discovered the uterus problem.
Anyway he is fabulous and as had been told that the uterus stretches and would probably go further along next time decided to go for it. Obviously worried because we do know horror stories about premature babies but tried to focus on the positive and not really worry until 29 weeks.
I got pregnant after 6 months. It was horrendous. I felt really sick and tired all of the time. Constantly bleeding on and off so worried sick. Finally at about 16 weeks began to feel more normal. Then at 20 weeks had slight bloody discharge. Thought better get it checked out because thought it could be an infection or something. Anyway to cut it short my cervix had opened and we lost our son.
I know I am probably crazy to even think about going through anything ever again but a cervical stitch has been suggested. I really would love another baby but want to prepare myself as much as I can.
Has anybody any info?
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Wow!  I have a didelphic uterus, which means I have two uteri and two cervix, I only have two ovaries, one attached to one uterus and the other attached to the second uterus.  It is amazing how we gather here at MedHelp looking for answers.  I am glad you stumbled upon this wonderful site.  These ladies are awesome!

I am 24w3d today and the baby looks wonderful.  I am amazed at how fast you became pregnant with your anomaly.  I am extremely sorry for your loss.  It tears me apart to read stories such as yours where a little baby is lost.  

At this point in my pregnancy my doctor has not recommended a stitch yet.  I know that the cervix that is attached to the unpregnant uterus is not like the cervix that contains my baby.  I asked about getting the stitch because it is common for women with anomalies such as ours to have an incompetent cervix.  I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and we will discuss the stitch option further.

I would support you if you decided to go through another pregnancy.  Don't let this obstacle stop you.  

I found out about my anomaly in November of 2006 at the ripe ol' age of 29.  I had a papsmear every year since the year I turned 16 and no doctor that I went to discovered it.  I have a septum that comes half way down my vagina, I always knew it was abnormal to have such a thing but I was too embarassed to talk about it with anyone other than my sister.  It took an OBGYN straight out of college to discover my anomaly.  

I will keep you informed on what my doctor suggests tomorrow.  Though I have two uteri, we are not sure at this point if they are half the size of a "normal" uterus, or if they are two uteri of normal size.  I have also not had a scan to determine if I do have both kidneys.  I want to do that as soon as the baby is born.  On a possitive note, I am having a girl and the ultrasound tech scanned the baby last week and my little miracle does have BOTH of her kidneys. I am very pleased thus far how well she is developing, no major complications othen than the location of the placenta, the tech said it was anterior and posterior.  The radiologist is sending the results to my doctor to discuss with us tomorrow.

Can I ask how you learned that you had one kidney?  Was it after the birth of your son, or did you find out before you became pregnant?
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Hi thanks for the encouragement and great to hear you are doing so well.
I have only discovered this site today and think it is wonderful. Sometimes it is usefuil to know you are not the only one with difficult pregnancies. I seem to be surrounded by friends who can get pregnant at the drop of a hat and do not have any problems.
My lack of kidney was discovered after the birth of my son. The surgeon suggested I have it checked.
Sorry, was not clear about why have to have stitch - the HSG showed my cervix to be incompetent. Just another thing. Hence the name Oddbod.
Wishing you the very best of luck and please keep me posted how you prgress.

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