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I am now 32 weeks pregnant and have been having braxton hicks contractions since 20 weeks or so, but the last 24 hours they seem different to me. I don't know if the baby just changed positions and this makes them seem different or what but I think they feel stronger. I sometimes get weird pains w/ them in my crotch and butt which makes me think they are pushing the baby down more. I don't know if I am paranoid or if this is normal. This is also my 2nd baby and I started dilating about this time w/ my first. I don't remember this w/ my first but it's been awhile. The contractions will be fairly regular, not more than 10 minutes apart for a couple of hours and then slow down, eventually picking back up again hours later. Has anyone else had this??
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I had it from 30 weeks on with my twins
and I don;t remember with my singleton (sounds about similar to your timeframes)
with the twins I called docs because they would progress to 4 minutes apart through the night - but by AM they were better - it was weird - I got ready for the hospital at least 3 times because they got so close together
then when it was real I didn;t take it seriously because of all the times it wasn't!
I would call your doc and ask -
good luck
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I had them like that too, but I would call your Dr. since it's still so early, especially if you were dialating that early on with your first.    My Dr. watched them, but I didn't get the pain in the butt, sorry for the wording, till the very end.  Good luck, drink lots of water too, may be a sign that you need more.

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