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Pregnant or Not?

Hi everyone, I am 32yrs old had tubal ligation done in august 01' (clamps/clips) and mother of 4

my last regular period was approx June 7th 09, had spotting July 11th 09 I have a 28 day cycle to the nose
and I have several symptoms, nausea, headaches(but I suffer from migraines too), larger breasts, darker/larger nipples, my abdomen is harder than normal, strong sense of smell, etc. Oh and I feel pregnant.
I feel like this is the first time Ive ever gone through this but its been so long and like many others woould love to have more children Im really hoping that my body is right otherwise I may have to get my head examined.  
I want to take a pg test but hpt's never worked for me before so I have little faith in them and I don't want to get my hopes up so Im trying to wait as
long as possible before going to the Dr.'s so, thought I would get a concensus and go from there.

Thank you all for your responses.

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Personally I would take a pregnancy test and go from there. If it is negative and you are still thinking it may be go get the blood test done.
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If you are pregnant, its important to find out as soon as possible, due to the very high probability of an ectopic pregnancy.  This can be life threatening.

So...if you are feeling pregnant, you should see your doctor.  Its not likely at all, but not absolutely impossible.  And due to the danger of ectopic, better to find out sooner than later.
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I am 34 yrs. old. I had my tubes banned in '03. My AF's are all messed up. The one on may 31,09 was normal, then june 21 was lighter and then on july 8, I had a brownish red color it lasted 4 days, then on july 25, the same thing. Could I be pregnant or could something else be wrong. Thanks for any advice that you can give.
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thank you for the responses, went to a clinic on sat cuz Im not a very patient person, the lab test came back neg(-) and today af is visiting, so I have to say Im upset cuz I was hoping and it seems like my best chances are to start booking my appts to get a TR done.

thanks again to you all

To. Pammy,
after going through almost the same things I would say if ur not sure test, worst case scenario is its negative and u get to keep trying or not, Im not sure if u would like more children or not just guessing there.  as for something wrong with you I doubt it, my cycles are normally fairly consistant even before my TL. I just regret it and will fix it.

Good Luck to everyone
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