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Protein and ketones in urine

I went to the OB today because I was having pain that I haven't felt before, and she wanted to see me.  Even though I am only 21 weeks she did an NST, which showed nothing signifigant.  She also did a urine dip to look for a possible UTI and is also sending the sample out to the lab.  The MA told me there was protein and ketones in the urine.  The protein could be a possible sign of a UTI, which the lab will pick up on.  My BP is fine at 108/60.  I was reading about the ketones, and it seems they show up when the body burns fat stores, and can be a sign of intense activity or not eating enough.  Most of my reading says eat more, but one site went so far as to say that one finding can be fine, but more than one can be a sign of impending miscarriage because the baby is essentially "starving".  I know you can't believe everything you read, so I will take it lightly, but it worries me after 2 m/c. Now, my Dr. didn't seem to think either find was a problem, and told me to just drink more water and take it easy.  I will do that, but I drink water all day long.  Does anybody know if the ketones show in urine due to dehydration, or just the protein?  Should I be worried and calling the Dr. to talk to her again since I didn't see her again after the urine dip?  
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Not a sign of impending miscarriage.

Usually they show up if you are not eating enough.  Are you?  Also, if you are dehydrated enough, the color of the urine can stain the part on the urine stick where the ketones are read, making it appear as though you have ketones.

If your doctor isn't worried, then I wouldn't be, either.  You were given good advice.  Drink more water, be sure you are eating enough, and rest when you can.  Ketones can be there for one sample, and gone the next time you urinate.  Don't worry.
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Thank you.  
I did lose 7 pounds in the first 15 weeks, but I have gained that all back plus 3 more since I am able to eat well again.  I eat 3 meals a day and snacks when I am hungry that are usually something like cheese and crackers or some edemame.  I average about 64 ounces of water a day, and a little more the past few days because it's been hot and humid.  I'm not sure how much more I can drink without moving into the bathroom permanently, but I will try to add some more.  I will try to spend some more time in the air conditioning as well and I will eat more snacks.

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