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Sleeping habits...

How old is your baby?

How many hours does he/she sleep at night?

What is his/her bed time?

How many naps does he/she take a day and for about how long?  

What is the latest nap time they usually take?  

Thanks, Hannah
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8 monts old.

8-9 hours a night

9-9:30 pm

2 naps - about 1 1/2 - 2 hours long.

Sometimes it's from 3-4 or 6-7 pm for the last nap.

Hope that helps.
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Jake is 9 mos old.

He goes to bed at 7p sometimes 8p and sleeps until 6am.
(weekends he'll sleep until 7am)

He takes one morning nap for an hour and half - usually 2hrs from when he woke up
But lately at daycare it's been 9a-10a
Then another nap from 1p-2:30-3:00p

He does still wake up in the middle of the night for a 6 oz bottle but I don't mind.  He chugs it and goes back to bed.  (He does this middle of the night wake up 3 nights a week...then sleeps straight through 4nights a week)
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deanne - does Jake sleep longer if he goes to bed earlier?  Jayden doesn't.  It's weird, the later I put him to bed the longer he sleeps but I've been told that the earlier they are put to bed the longer they sleep.  I'm wondering if I should try it.  I just get home at 6 pm and only spending 1 hour with him at night would break my heart.
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Mami -

Well, I don't have a choice.  The nights he's up until 8p...is because I forced him.

He would go to bed at 6p if he could...and he did last night.

Went to bed at 6p and woke up at 9:30p because he peed himself...and then back to sleep until 6am

He just loves his sleep.  

I get home with the kids at 4p...so it's nice.  Like I still got a full 2 hrs with him even at the 6p bedtime...but he is typically 7pm.
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addison is 8 months.

she goes to bed around 9pm.  she wakes up a few hours later and i nurse her .  she wakes again 2-3am, i put her in bed with me, she nurses off and on till 7am when she is up for the day UGH lol.

she naps in the am for 45 min or so

she naps in the afternoon for 1.5-2 hours and it really can be different times she goes down.  its been weird lately, she took 2 naps yest. afternoon!
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Ava is 3 months old

She averages about 9 hours a night

We put her down when we go to bed around 10 or so.

Believe it or not her longest nap time is in the morning after her first feeding, she usually wakes at 7 or there-abouts.  She will nurse, then sleep another 2 hours.  She takes short naps at the end of each cycle, then she wakes and I feed her again.

Usually Ava takes her last nap at around 7.. that is her fussiest time of the day.. other than that she is a pretty happy baby.  :)
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Paige is 1 month old

sleeps about 7-8 hours a night then she will have a diaper change eat and go back to sleep for another 3 hours

doesn't really have a nap schedule she naps when ever she wants but almost always is asleep around 1 and sleeps about 2 hours i have to wake her up infact she will sleep all day and all night if i let her.
she is usually in bed by 10-10:30
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10 months
11-12 hrs waking up once usually takes a bottle and goes right back down
7pm (6:30-8pm)
nap 10:30-1, I think when I am done watching the other kids he will start taking two again.  I think they keep him awake.
I dont let AJ sleep past 4pm otherwise he is keeping me up past 10 or 11.
What I found was helpful was to track how much time he could spend awake and adjust everything from there.  When I did this I noticed he could stay awake for 4 hrs.  Once 4 hrs hit he was out nomatter where he was or what he was doing.  So If I wanted him in bed by 8 I know he had to be up around 4 and he would go to bed AROUND 8.  Now he is like clock work.
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Amelia is 11 1/2 months

She sleeps from 8:30pm to 8:00am

She takes 2 naps: 1st nap at 11-12 pm , 2nd nap at 3-4pm

If she wakes up from her 3-4 nap and she gets tired early in the evening I will put her to bed at 7:30pm and then she will wake up at 7:00am.

She has been a GREAT sleeper since I put her in her own room, which was about at 9 months. Before that she would be waking up 4 times a night. Now when I put her to bed she lays right down, grabs her blankie and she is off to sleep in no time:)
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pandemonium at my house.
Blake is 10 weeks...
Blake sleeps when he feels like it, & eats when he feels like it.
I try to feed him a last time at 11:00 thinking he will sleep most of the night. No matter what time I put him to bed he still has 1 feeding in the night around 2:00.
Up again at around 6-6:30. Sleeps in the swing because he refuses his bed...I think I'm a bad mom, ha ha ha
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Thanks for all the input everyone.. it is nice to see what everyone else is doing.

Jacob goes down between 7:30 and 8:30... during the week I have to get him up, so I wake him at 6:30.... on the weekends he usually sleeps till 8 or sometimes even later.... sometimes he will start fussing real early in the morning and if I give him the paci, he is usually good for another couple of hours.  

I have no idea how many or for how long he napped at the daycare he was at.. all the did was check off whether or not he took a nap in the a.m. and/or p.m.

in the evenings he would often take some really late naps like at 6 to 7.. so I was really curious if others took naps that late..  

on the weekends, he usually takes a 1 to 2 hour nap in the morning.... a 1 to 1.5 hour nap later in the afternoon... and maybe another 30min to an hour nap later that evening.  

Kelly..  do not feel that way at all... Jacob had NO consistent sleeping pattern until the 11th week..  he just started falling asleep all on his own around 8ish...  and the day nap pattern just started recently and he is 5.5 months...
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at Jacob's age, dd used to take an evening nap. Even if she napped from 6-7, she would still go to bed at the same time- between 8 and 9. She stopped the late evening nap around 9 months. This was in addition to an AM and afternoon nap.
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yep Izzy is the same.  Tonight she had a 3rd nap from 6:30-7pm and she will still go to bed at her usual time.  Sometimes she skips this late nap but I always feel like she does best, and sleeps the best overnight if she has it.
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Tringa is 6 weeks old. I know is too early for her to have a pattern but I think I will not have the luck that you have ladies. I can`t believe that your babies are sleeping so long during the night and they fall asleep so early in the evening. Tringa is awake every two hours or often. Also she can`t fall asleep by her own, I have to rock her in my arms for 10-15 min. During the evening she is fussy from 6-10 pm. This is the hardest part of the day for me, she is all the time in my hand. If I put her in her bed she will cry all the evening.

Pertykitty, it seems we are in the same boat. And it seems we are the only one.
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Everybody.. thanks for all the good info... I struggled with the late nap concept.. I kept going back and forth.. letting him take the nap and  then trying to keep him up....   I think he does better with the nap also... If I don't allow him the nap, he seems too tired and doesn't get his last meal in... He isn't a big eater, so I like to make sure I get every ounce in him that I can..


Don't you worry.. it'll happen... Jacob didn't have a sleeping patter at all until 11wks.. it happened really all of a sudden.. prior to that, he would wake every 2 to 3 hours...

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you know addison is just now at 8 months getting her naps down lol. my son was better but i think the fact he went to daycare and was on a more structured routine might have had something to do with it who knows.  man today she is a difficult napper, teething poor baby.  at least she naps, my niece would NEVER nap even when exhausted.
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Noah's three months old.

He sleeps 8 hours a night (a miracle!).  Just started sleeping through the night this week.

He goes to bed between 8 - 10:00 p.m. & wakes up at 5 - 5:30 a.m. although Thursday night he went to bed at 2:00 a.m. and got up at 5:30 a.m.

Since he's still fed on demand, he has no nap schedule - he still continues to have trouble getting to sleep but once there he usually naps around 1-2 1/2 hours.

His latest nap - since he's fed on demand, I can't really tell when it's going to be - the only real schedule I can tell he has is when he goes to bed at night.

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