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Traveling alone with children...how do you do it?

My brother is getting married across the country in October.  On the same day, my choir students have an audition to atttend, for which I will have to hire a qualified person to be 'me.'  On top of that, my husband is due to fly to another state for work the day after the wedding, which means he won't be able to help me get back home with our two children (6 and 1 in October).  I haven't seen my family in over a year-they've never even met my son-and I really want to go, even though it would be easiest to send my regrets.

I'm sure someone in my extended family would take us to the airport, but what do I do when I reach our local airport?  My car would be parked in longterm parking, my daughter can walk, and my son would be in his stroller.  But then I'll have my carryon, and will have to go claim our two bags (one suitcase and his carseat).  How do I get from baggage claim to long term parking with all that stuff on my own?  My only experience has been to hop the shuttle with all my stuff, but no baby.  

There's no way I can hop the shuttle negotiating two children, a stroller, a carry-on and two checked bags.  What am I missing here?  How do you do this?
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Hmmm.... I've only ever used the shuttle to get from the terminal to long term...

Wow--you'll have to pay a fortune, won't you, for the checked items?  Don't they charge now, or something?

I don't have any good ideas!  Beyond getting a cab to take you to long term?
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I would ask your travel agent...if you have one?  
I think that someone would help you...perhaps ask for assistance at the gate?  They must have SOMEONE to help with such a situation?  Good luck on this one...WOW
I went to Disney alone with my two boys... they were 6 and 4-1/2.  They were soooo restless at the airport.  Make sure to bring some books or toys in your carry on.
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how close do you live to the airport? we often find it's easier to hire a limo. even if it's only one way- you can have DH get the car when he returns from his trip. the limo driver would meet you by baggage claim and he can deal with the bags. where i live, it's about $60 for a trip.

other option is to have your baggage shipped home. this is actually becoming more common, especially since you have to pay extra for carry-on anyways. then you'd only have the stroller, carry on and carseat. they also now sell these thingies that convert a carseat into a a stroller- supposedly you strap the kid in the seat that is mounted to this contraption that allows you to pull the carseat like a stroller.
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I live about two hours from our 'local' airport.  But that is certainly something for me to investigate, as is shipping my items home.

What about a taxi?  Are there usually taxis waiting around outside the baggage area?  Could I hire/tip a porter to get us to a taxi, who would then take us to our vehicle out in long-term parking?
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At larger airports there is always a bunch of porters and also taxis around, hopefully that`s the case in your area as well. Sounds like a taxi would be a good idea versus the shuttle. I couldn`t imagine with twp little ones....
I had travelled with my 15-month old before and then again when he was almost 4 and hard to keep in one spot. Both times though they had luggage carts and I somehow strapped his stroller to the handle and pulled it backwards to the taxi stand with all the luggage stacked in front. Nothing I like to do every day but at least you do not have to interrupt to pay the porter.
Have fun at the wedding anyway!
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I would use a sling to carry your one year old, or pull him in the carseat attachment/stroller mentioned by tiredbuthappy. Then if you have one suitcase it will be hard but managable. Maybe your dd could carry a backpack with essentials for the plane in it. Good luck!
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Rent one of those luggage carts on wheels.  Put all your stuff on it.  Bring an umbrella stroller instead of a big stroller and have your six year old push the stroller.  I also have a six and a one year old.  Takes some juggling.  My six year old is good at pushing his brother around.
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