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Unusually heavy period after birth of baby

I delivered my third baby 5 1/2 months ago and finally got my first period, but I’m worried that I’m bleeding too much. I don’t ever remember bleeding this much after the births of my first 2 children. I’m soaking through a super tampon every hour plus soaking through panty liners and thin pads (bleeding dark red with minor blood clots ) and I’m just wondering if this is normal. My period came out of the blue as well, no pms or any symptoms of it coming. My periods are typically normal.
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Oh ya, me too. I had that.  It was like my hormones and period came raging back.  Now I'm older and am finding as my hormones shift, I have two days like this EVERY period.  Ugh.  I would give it a moth or cycle more to see if it normalizes and if it doesn't, set up a check by your doctor just to make sure all is well.  I suspect it is and it is just hormones that increased your lining a bit more than usual post birth and seeing it expelled is a LOT.  Been there.  I was normal.  good luck and congrats on your third baby.  How old are your other two?
Ok whew, glad I’m not not the only one! Thank you!!
My daughter will be 7 in sept and my son just turned 2 in Jan.

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