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gender question(ultrasound 12 weeks)

I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks and the tech said it may be a boy.  Has anyone had an early ultrasound and not be right?  I
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my dr said at 12 weeks he thought he saw boy parts - at 19 weeks I was told it's a girl.  I am now 33w6d and it better be a girl!!!
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My friend was told at 12 weeks boy too and they were right...It really depends.  Obviously they better check again at 19/20 weeks....even then you never know.
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Thanks for the post.  I was wandering Jenny if you had the ultrasound pics at 12 weeks.
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Yes, I have pics, but I never knew what he thought he saw - really looks like the cord to me and the place I went for the 19week scan said that the shot the doctor thought was boy parts wasn't even between the legs!  I don't have the pics here at work, will look for them at home and try to post
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I was told at 10 weeks I was having a boy, but Im not banking on it just yet...I dont know what she saw to think that...I get another u/s at 13 weeks and maybe we can see something then for sure
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I was told at 12 weeks it was a boy...you could definitely see all his boy parts too...and it was a boy!
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I had a 12 wk US and was told it was a boy and they were right!
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I had a 12 wk US and was told it was a girl and by golly it was!!
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I know that parts don't develop until 11 weeks (or so I have read). I know a girl on here who was told boy at 11 weeks and just found out at 18 weeks that she is having a girl. I wouldn't go buy any blue yet. Give it a couple of weeks until you get a really good picture! :)
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Thanks for the posting.  I agree.  I would be surprised if the tech is wrong.  I have 2 boys now and a girl would have been nice.  I 'm excited and happy either way.  
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Between 10w-13w6d  the ultrasound techs can tell gender by how the genitals are lining up with the spine (parallel = boy, perpendicular = girl...if I remember correctly)  There are no organs outside the body at this point.  There have been scientific studies done though and they are about 95% accurate at gender prediction at this age range using this technique.  We participated in one study and they were right.  My guess is that you need have a tech who is familiar with these studies.
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They can tell u what sex the baby is at 12 weeks pregnant but most hospitals dont untill 2o weeks throug insurance purposes(that is in the uk)
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I had an u/s at 12 weeks and saw things my 2 girls didn't have!! I asked the tech who I had for the girls and she said she'd only been wrong once at 12 weeks!!It would be nice to have a boy in the mix.However I will wait until my next u/s to be very sure!!
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when can u tel wat ur havin?
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at 12 weeks my DR said he was pretty sure he saw boy parts and girl parts and at 15 weeks he verified he did indeed see girl parts and boy parts and look at my pictures....he was right I have a boy and a girl
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Hi, I had a scan at 12wks and 4 dys. the tech said it was a lil boy. She also said that by 12 weeks the organs are developed. Only the scrotum of the boy is visable!!! I am still so excited to get my 18 week scan, just to confirm!!!
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