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gestational diabetes

Good Morning Ladies

I know that several of you have or have had gestational diabetes. I just went on Friday for the 3 hour glucose test.My levels on the first test were 4 points higher than the max at 144. The doc said just to be sure he wanted me to take the 3 hour. For those who were diagnosed with gd what were your numbers and exactly what did you have to do. I will get the results on Monday but am a little anxious, I really like my rocky road ice cream.

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they never told me my specific numbers- just that they were slightly higher than they should be...

i have to monitor my sugars and make sure that they aren't more than 100 first thing in the morning and no more than 120 2 hours after I eat. there is a diet they give you to follow which basically has you spreading out your carbs trhoughout the day. its not that difficult to do really. It's all very worth it for a happy healthy baby.
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Sounds worse than it really is!!
In Canada are numbers differ, but basically once you get the results (if you fail the 3 hour) You meet with dietician(at least i did) go over what you can and cant eat..Mine was controlable by diet alone ,some need insulin injections.
Its watching your sugar and carbs  testing after meals and morning,  
Spreading out the sugars and carbs helps your body regulate the insulin  due to the added stress from pregnancy
And the good thing is its not forever it usually goes away after delivering
But good luck to you ...Hope you pass.. if not like I said its not so bad
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My numbers were 98 for the fasting (needs to be under 95), 204 for the 1 hour (needs to be under 190), 140 for the 2 hour (needs to be under 165) and 65 for the 3 hour (needs to be under 145). If you fail 2 of the 4 you are considered to have gd. As you can see from my numbers I failed by 3 points. Had my fasting been 95, they wouldn't have considered me to have gd. But, having said all that, I was devastated when I found out. As it turns out, it wasn't that bad at all. I still had a 1/2 cup of ice cream every night. It's all about counting carbs and the dietician will help you with it. On the bright side, I had gained 25 pounds by week 20 and when I was diagnosed with gd at week 28, I was at 38 pounds gained. When I gave birth 12 weeks later, I was at a 37 pound gain for the entire pregnancy. Because of the diet, I didn't gain anymore weight and even lost a pound. So that was a very positive thing. Good luck to you and remember, a lot of women fail the first test, but pass the second test. My first tests number was 146 and my dr. didn't think I was gonna fail the second (he was wrong). Your number isn't that high.
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Thanks ladies. As I said I will find out sometime today. This is my first miracle and am nervous about everything.It really does help to get everyone's input.
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