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gestational diabetes?

Does anyone know anything about gestational diabetes. I had it when I was pregnant with my son and was wondering if I am going to get it again in subsequent pregnancies??
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i had it with my son too. i know the risks are higher that you will get it again with subsequent pregnancies, but it isn't a given. hopefully it'll pass you up this time.
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you gained weight on the diet? i did not have it with my first 2 but did my last one. i lost 17 in 2 months while being on the diet while pregnant, i do know your chances are much higher if you have had it before.
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I had it with my second son, but not my third. I have yet to be tested for this pregnancy. I know you are at higher risk to have it again if you have allready had it. But every pregnancy is different.
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Can all depend
My first two pregnancies in my 20's didnt have it
This last pregnancy with ds I was late 30's and had gd
Depending on your age, weight, etc...
Being I was older, weighed more, (also have history of it) and of course if you had it before
But each pregnancy differs
and it wasnt that bad actually, I could control mine with diet alone, It seemed terrible at the start but you adjust.
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I hated it, I was on a VERY strict diet, at one point I was gaining over 5 lbs a week...altogether I gained 68lbs...
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wow- you gained on it? I just had my son 5 weeks ago and I weigh 31 lbs. less than I did when I got pregnant with him- of course I was really packing in the food before I got pregnant so the diet was a reduction in calories for me... LOL
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