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implantation and cycle bleeding

My husband and I are trying to conceive. I am reg 28d cycle and due to dates was supposed to implant on 31/01. Started to spot didn't need any coverage wasn't much it did increase slightly but not heavy like normal not to get too detailed but not big clots like usual some small string like clots. Also this started 5 days before expected cycle and never early always on time. When should I test for pg? or should I even bother?
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you wouldnt usually have clots during implantation, its usually bright red spotting, and very little of it, tbh id take a test just to see you never know! good luck :)
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I would test. For some reason I spot about 6dpo up until this cycle 12dpo, when I got my bfp. You for sure could be pregnant. Use a early result test if you want to test now, but still test when your period is due.
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