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skin pigment

I am pregnant for twins, my due date is 8/28/09. i am a pale white, the father is a dark black. so my twins will be biracial, I am wondering what the skin pigment of my babies will be, i am very curiouse of this answer, can any one tell me what they think. I have never seen a biracial baby from a white mother that is very dark, so is that possible?
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I can't figure out why it seems so important to you that your children get a dark skin pigment, but whatever.

Try this site:

You upload a picture of yourself and the man (or men, as you last posted that you think two men may have fathered one twin each) who is the father. The site will combine the two pics of you and create a picture of a child that might resemble your own real children.
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they could be any shade of brown.  I have a friend that is blond and married a dark black man.  Her daughter is a regular brown color (semi dark) with dark brown nicely curled hair.  Her son is by all standards white with red hair but the texture of african american hair.  If you kids aren't identical they could be two different colors.  They will probably be born lighter than they will end up.  Black babies tend to be born kind of light and then darken.  Some look at the cuticles, or ears to see how dark they may get.  good luck
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