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54 days clean from methadone :-)

Really 54 days and I feel great...I feel again and starting to put the past behind me and making a new life that has been given to me...who knew sober would feel so good...my brain is clearer faster more confident in what I can do..working n/a is awesome new friends who are teaching me the way of a sober life and putting good behaviors and attitude to work...and pushing those bad ones further and further away...just a short post to say that life is good when life is clear and clean when u put your faith and heart in it...josh...
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WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO  i knew you would make it and come out on the other side glowing.  congrats
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What an awesome inspiration you are Josh!!!!!
Congrats on a those well earned and well deserved 54 days clean my friend.
You are shining and beaming!!! I need my sunglasses.
I am so happy for you and so very proud of you.
You came here with such determination and drive and it had paid off.
Keep up the awesome work.
Keep the faith my friend it will take you far,
Much love and respect,
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Nice to see you Josh & congrats on almost 2 mos. clean! Long may roll Cool, Clear & Sober, my friend. Great work!
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Hey Dude good to here from you it is great your already feeling better and I agree with you N/A rocks keep moving on with the program and you will be getting your 60 day key tag in a few days your off to a great start .............................Gnarly....................................
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