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Heroin Addiction Recovery

Hi Everyone,

I've been clean from heroin for 11 months now but am still having a hard time functioning in daily life.  I was IVing quite a lot every day for 2 years on and off.  Should I keep going on this path of nightmares, anxiety, and depression or should I consult a methadone clinic?  It seems stupid to do that now having been detoxed of opiates for so long but it seems like its still an issue.  I moved away from my home and CT for weeks to stop.  Is there anyone with input on long term recovery?
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I've been off heroin for about 1340 days.  I got on suboxone tho (27 days free of that).
I wouldn't get on methadone at this point.  Do you excercise?  Take vitamins?  Live a healthy lifestyle?  Doing those things will help you feel better.  You also have to remember it takes time for your body to recover.  We didn't become addicts overnight and it takes time to get back to normal.
Hope things go well for you!!
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As much as I can, yes.  My health has improved since I stopped for sure.  Should have gotten a suboxone script when I stopped..I guess its no use taking it for psychological w/d at this point..its just difficult w/ work
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You can talk to a dr about getting on an antidepressant/anti anxiety medication.  For me tho I don't want to take anything, I'm just gonna push through the tough stuff and let my brain and body heal itself.
Gotta stay positive!
Do you attend meeting?
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No I used to before I was clean so it kind of weirds me out now.  You're right staying positive is the only thing thats important.  It's just tough to live without the crutch once you abuse yourself that badly.  
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I know how you feel!  Meetings can be a good boost tho.  At the least they give you support when needed.
You just have to remember your worst day sober is better than your best day using
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Why don't you try therapy one on one and if you go to a psychiatrist they can help you with anti depressants which will probably help you get thru the mental stuff you're going thru. Find a good doctor, you're clean now you don't need methadone.
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