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How bad will withdrawal be after 12days of methadone?

I've been using heroin for 11years. Last month I decided to check my self into detox. I had my sister keep my 5y/o while I spent first 4days in a medical detox facility, and then the next 10days in a halfway house for recovering addicts. But, when I came home with my son my withdrawal symptoms although bearable in the house I stayed at where terrible caring for a 5w/o. So, I went to an outpatient rehab and they wrote me 30day script for 10mg/day methadone. A week after filling the rx I had a BBQ at my house and someone stole it. I only had enough money to buy A few 10mg pills off the street, so I have been cutting my dose in half every 4 days. I am currently on 2.5mg once a day without any wd symptoms besides a lack of energy. Now I only have  5mg left and I'm thinking about just stopping here and saving the last bit in case I need it later. Or should I keep lowering my dose till it's gone? I'm trying to reduce the severity of wd symptoms as much as possible for the sake of my son.

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I'm sorry you haven't had any answers yet; the board is very busy now, and hopefully someone will jump in.  I don't have experience with methadone, but I wouldn't think that 12 days would produce very severe withdrawals.

The things is:  there is no way to avoid w/d's completely; from ANYTHING.  We just have to get through them as best we can.   And we only have to do it ONCE.

Are you going to any meetings, or after-care, to help you stay clean from the heroin?  

I'm just curious:  that BBQ you went to...were the folks there people who use drugs?  It might be a good idea not to hang around people who use...not only because someone might steal your prescription, but because it makes it even more temping (and easy) for YOU to pick up again.

I'm glad you're trying to get and stay clean.  You're little child needs you...stay strong...and think seriously about getting into N/A!

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I agree 100% with robin. I'd just quit,don't go buying anymore off the streets. All that's going to do is put you at risk of losing your child then eventually your life. You need to cut all your resources for the drugs,or you'll just keep telling your self "oh I'll just get a couple more...then a few more" then you'll be addicted to methadone instead of heroin. Quit now well you can! Methadone builds up in your system and the longed you're on it the longer and harder the w/d's will be. You can do this,deff get yourself into a aftercare program if you're not already though.
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Hi, I am 15 days clean from methadone. I was only on 30-40mgs a day, illegally for 2 years. Stupid, I know. I finally just decided to stop, cold turkey. Worst feelings ever! And I've had 2 babies with no drugs! Worst than that. But I need to remember that the feelings are only temporary. So now day 15, last night was the first time I slept 6 hours straight, so I feel good today. Still a little anxious though, little energy and I start a new job Monday. Does anyone have experience with this? Will I ever feel "normal" again?
And whoever else ohms going through the same thing, good job! Once you get past the PAWS, things def will get better!
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@ManaGers.....unfortunately, you are prolonging the inevitable. But you haven't been on methadone for long, I think you will be fine. The longer you stay on it, the worst it will be to get off. I know how you feel, I'm a soccer mom for god sake with an opiate problem! You need the energy to take care of your kids, I get it. But if you have a support system now, utilize it and get off methadone. It's like the devil! Yes, it's better than heroin, but don't replace one addiction with another. Yes I'm only 15,days, but every day gets better, I promise. Praying for you, God bless.
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Hi  well your going to feel something  but is shouldent be to bad  it is great that your getting off it in 12 days  it hasent had a chance to get its fangs in you yet  your probable not going to sleep a few nights and then the ''energy crash'' will hit from years of heroin use  just hang in there it will get better with time  you dont want to do what I did and stay on the c rap for years  my detox was miserable from methadone
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Yeah I stopped the methadone. I took 1.25mg Sunday, but none since. I'm having some stomach issues, but no other symptoms so far.
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Good for you! Keep up the good work. It took me many months physically to detox the methadone out, but I also went c/t from a high dose and c/t from 3 meds almost 3yrs ago. It did take many yrs to come around with the mental part because of my long history of abuse.
The Big thing is Aftercare. Make sure you set yourself up with some kind of Support..Meetings, Church, Friends that are Clean and so forth. The detox is the easy part, it is working on staying clean that takes all you can give it..Work, Time, Patience and Changes have to happen. Hang Tight and keep on Stepping forward and never backwards. It will all lay out right in front of you, but it will take some of time..
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