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How much longer before I start to feel human again??

Hello I've been on methadone for six years everyday went up to a 140mlg a day dropped down to 120. Then I decided there are things in life I wanna do like get my cdls which I actually started school for and when I went for my dot physical I failed BC o methadone so I had two options taper down over a year or more and hope I can stick with it or I can just do what I gotta do so I have cold turkey off it I'm on day nine now most of the physical seems to be easing off just not sleeping but maybe 2 to four hours every day maybe..  I have four beautiful children I love more the. Life itself and if I'm ever gonna be able to give them a future it won't be BC I stayed on methadone so like I said most of the physical seems to be about over I hope and I start school back after I've been off it for 30 days and I know I won't forget what I have been through and will never touch another anything BC BC I is what it like to stop I hatemyself for ever starting but I know I am going to get through this BC BC have to for myself and my kids anyone got any advice on what might help me sleep without taking anything addictive or harmful pls let me know thanks
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I just wanted to say wow you are a strong person. So all the non addictive stuff herbs black valerian root extract kava root chamomile teas and magnesium for any restless legs those help you relax and of course Tylenol for pain or if you want to get one Xanax just take it one night not more than two nights you dont want to become addicted you'll be able to get some good sleep that way you could just sleep through more of it but as we all know you cannot take Xanax more than two nights before addiction starts, kraton works for pain from methadone withdraw also, anyways keep up the good work. Your close to being over this it's in the rearview now.
I really appreciate it very much and I really dont wanna take any xanax or kratom I'm just so burnt out on everything and I really do thanks for the support
Yw take a multi-vitamin and drink lots of water should flush it out faster. :)
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I've been studying addiction for 6 years ever since my son got serious about his heroin addiction. I learned a lot about the brain and I finally realized the cure for addiction is -- Mr. Rogers. Seriously, That guy spent his life building communities, creating neighborhoods, bringing people together, getting people to feel good about themselves, and _that_ is exactly what addicts need to overcome addiction.

Like riding a horse. My son falls of 100 times, I tell him he's doing great. He's learning a lot. Now he's learned 100 ways not to ride a horse. Let's try this again. I point out his progress, I point out his strengths, I see the good in him and I reflect that back to him. I endlessly encourage him. He does the rest.

I think what helps him is our connection. He's not alone. He's part of a community, a tribe, a family, he's accepted as he is, I love him clean, I love him not clean, it doesn't matter, it's not a choice I make, the love doesn't come from me, it comes from above, through me, to him. It's always there for him.

Connection cures.

You can do anything, in any way, as long as you have those connections with other people.

Best wishes. I admire your tenacity. (Your future self might even thank you.)

Do whatever you need to do to maintain and build those connections with other people that are meaningful for you. That's the best medicine for addiction I know of. Maintain those connections, nurture those connections, reap the gratitude and joy from those connections. That's it right there. (I call it the "Mr. Rogers" cure. He spent his life building neighborhoods and getting people to feel good about themselves. Best medicine for addiction right there.)
Congrats man.Get it over with now. Life will only get better. I was on methadone for 10 yrs. Man that time went by fast too. It definitely helped me. I stayed off street drugs as soon as istarted. But it's no way to live long term. Personally I want to die having more clean yrs than using yrs Enjoy your children. They will benefit as much as you from this.
Well that's great unfortunately all my parents passed away and I'm doing this alone but I know I will get past this and I'm on day ten now inch by inch I'm getting there
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