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Please advise how can i recover after smoking sativa

I am 42 years old male.  I traveled to Amsterdam on Friday 25th January 2019 and stayed there for 3 nights. In the first day i went with a friend to some coffee shop and he bought sativa called “amnesia”, I took 4 puffs then in 2nd day i did 2 puffs from another sativa called “tangie block”. Since i returned from Amsterdam and for the past 10 days most of the time i am having lack of focus,  memory loss, feeling that i am disconnected from reality, Thinking blank and paranoia.
I am having few hours everyday at different times when i feel myself back to normal. I never tried smoking weed/cannabis/sativa in my life before.  This was my first time. I quit smoking cigarettes for almost a year now. I don’t drink alcohol. I did following investigations:
1.  brain MRI ,
3. blood and urine test
4. ECG
All results were good and doctors confirmed that all signs are normal. please advise what can I do to gain my senses and become normal like before.
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Do you have a history of anxiety?
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Cannabis can cause anxiety and paranoia. All your tests were normal.
you will continue to feel better as time goes on.
Thank you so much. Such a relief for me to read this.
You will get back to feeling good.   I would stay away from the cannabis as it does have adverse effects with you.
I’d definitely stay away from cannabis. It has big negative impact on my memory . Cannabis made it hard for me to remember things.  Thanks for the advice. I am getting better now
Good to hear you are feeling better.  Keep us posted on how you are doing
Hi, just to keep you posted. All side effects have completely disappered and i am back to normal. It has been very hard 10 days experience for me. Made me rethink about choices we get everyday and selections we make. Thank you all for sharing your feedback.
Great update. Thanks.
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