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Quit date tomorrow

1st day without Vicodin in over 6months tomorrow. I'm scared, but I'm gona try. I have to try.
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i have been 11 days clean of roxicodone.  i question everyday why i stopped taking them because i could just pop one and feel so much better than i do right now.

then i remember that they completely change your brain make up and make you someone who you are completely not.  they numb and dull you out.  

i wish you the best of luck...you really really really have to want it.
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You have been through a slow hell with the pills, now just a quick one without.  While in wd it wont feel quick but in comparison to the time on pills it is small. Just remember that you dont want to spend one more day being a slave to this and you dont want to be on them for YEARS, like so many of us in here.

Best of luck
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Good luck!  You can do it.  You will be so happy you did after you get through the first few days.  Keep us posted.  Make us all proud!
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Good luck, your making a great decision. It won't be easy for a few days, but I promise it's worth it. Aftercare is always a good idea too, it helps us STAY clean. Stay strong, you can do this.

P.S. The thomas recipe has really helped some here so it's worth looking into.
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You don't have to try,,,, YOU CAN DO!  
Yes... it's scary but the rewards are getting your life back....What better reward is THAT?!?!

Hang in there... YOU CAN DO THIS!  

Love, hugs and BIG SUPPORT your way!
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