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Suboxone and health issues

Long time Suboxone user having some health problems. On 12mg for years. Kidney function starting to get bad, of course I wasnt told about it until I saw gfr level at 60 and the last gfr at 80. Dont think 60 was accurate but GFR is. Does Suboxone damage kidneys, if so why doesnt anyone tell us this as I would have never taken this crap. In the last 2 years i have been diagnosed with low test, diabetes 2, and now kidney probs.
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I'm sorry to read this. Have you thought about tapering? I just had a kidney transplant 9 months ago So really I send good energy and hope that you follow a kidney friendly diet, think about getting off the sub. Take care, lesa
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Suboxone has been making me have blood in urine. Did you have same issue ? I have been on it for years and it’s really got me concerned. I took three strips the other day and ended up with so much blood in urine, I went to hospital. Please let me know your journey.
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