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How does a person that is on heroin act? are they always tired or always alert and talkative? My son has days of talkative and others that his eyes close when he is talking to us. He is also always hungry. He is on Suboxone and Xanex. I am so confused, I thought I would see a different side of him by now.
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He would never be alert on Heroin. He would never be hungry on Heroin.

Gabby, I know we talked about this but I need to mention it again. It is VERY, VERY, VERY dangerous and even life threatening to take Xanax while taking Suboxone. I don't know what half-cocked doctor prescribed that but he could go into respiratory failure. I am not trying to scare you. I am trying to get you to listen. Please look into this.
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should I call the doctor? He is 26 years old and without his consent they will not speak to me.what do you suggest?
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YES talk to the Dr.  Tell them your concerns and if they're unwilling or uncooperative, I would report him. This "Dr." should know better than this.

IB's right - I don't want to scare you either but this is EXTREMELY dangerous.  Please look into this right away.  Like NOW.
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