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off suboxone for 103 days

I have been off suboxone for 103 days, can't believe I was on it for 9 years. Now I am totally clean but having health problems that I believe  were caused by long term associated with suboxone. I had withdrawl although I was sworn up & down by sub counselor it was not going to happen. lucky to have a PCP who gave me withdrawal meds. I went throught that for 2 weeks, but now I have constant nausea that will not go away. I have a had all these tests done, found out I have chronic gastritis, and my pancreas enyzimes are low so I have to take creon with all my meals. All other symptoms have gone away except for the constant  nausea. sometimes its so bad I can't lift my head and stay home from work and basically just sleep, no vomiting just nausea, has anyone else suffered from this?  
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I am 3 1/2 years off of subs....used 24mg/day for 7 years.  It took me a good 5/10 months before all of my stomach issues, bathroom issues, throwing up, etc...subsided.  We use for along time and it takes awhile for our bodies to recoup.  Keep pushing along....sit out in the sun, eat as healthy as you can, and GET IN RECOVERY...it helps physical pains as well as mental!
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I am disgusted that I stayed on it so long. It's a bummer trying to work when you feel so sick, can't even imagine if I had little ones to take care of. I do eat healthy, craving protein , fruit, but cut out allot of the citrus fruit for now.
I found it made it worse when I tried to substitue my non-existent energy with things like 5 hr energy and caffeine overload.  What I had to come to terms with was just taking things slower.  Eat as healthy as you can b/c that DOES really make a big difference.  I found even when W/D'ing, if I could get greens down my throat, it made me feel better.  Collards, Spinach, etc...  I also found taking walks helped...but I totally had to push myself...like literally going to the stop sign at the end of my street and turning around and going home.  Take it slowly as it will come back.  
My doctor had me convinced that I had to be on subs at least "half" of the time I was on opiates....totally not how that was supposed to work.  But I didn't want to get off of it either so I can't really blame my dr.  Just keep pushing yourself...and think of all the $$$ your saving!  LOL
I do eat healthy, my hubsand is/was a chef, so he cooks mostly,dinners, i eat allot of rice, peas and lima beans for greens, i crave protein , ceral bars, steak,  i know not to stuff myself, blah!! i take the 5hr energy b/c of work. i rarely drank them when i was on sub. today was a good day, tomorrow something  diferrent , its like i can feel the change in my body if i am gonna feel like crap or not. i don't see my sub dr anymore, my pcp called him a drug pusher when i told her who long i had been on it. lol, i drink tea allot. it helps me also. i really didn't want off either, but when my insurance changed, i had no choice, very scary, but i am glad it happened. money, diffently ,
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Nine years is a long time, BUT how many mg a day?  Does it matter?  I don't know. It's all about the half life. Once the receptors are coated, you can't coat them more. That's it. Fully coated. >>  You can add extra layers of the coating that stack up one on top of the other, but that only hits ya when you quit, and all the coating wears off and leaves the receptors bare and raw.  
   A very long half life with this petroleum based synthetic whatever it is...
    ...After a year, at never more than 2mg a day, I have been trying to taper down from 1.75 mg  a day to 1.50, and the W/D is too much for me. I am 60 years old. And the nausea and depression with that .25 taper is rough. So I will try 1.75 to 1.65 or to 1.70,  and so on and so on. Every 4 days my body stabilizes with the new taper amount,  allowing me to go down to the next measured taper for those next 4 days. Now. What I want to say is, it is W/D and it is HORRIBLE.  I'm only cutting down .10mg and it is hell for me. I am scared as I am down to my last 40mg.'s (dealer died) and am determined to get off and take a break for awhile. I will never quit entirely as i can't walk without some kind of pain reliever. Bug a break would be nice. Anyway, my point is, it is horrible.  Even with only a .10mg drop, the horrible w/d symptoms are too much for me. Im not 100% sure I'm going to make it. The 4th day is the day I feel my body stabilize from the new taper amount, enabling me to taper to the next lower dose.  But those 3 days feel awful. At my age, I'm not supposed to be battling with this stuff.
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I am wondering where you are now in your journey of withdrawal, MY sub counselor said over & over again no PAWS but this is not true, at least for me. I am also 60 but I have no desire to use again, I am a grandma , I want to be clean. Everyone is different & mine was and still is hell. My PCP helped me allot. Can you see your PCP and be honest? Mine gave me comapazine,  Clondine, lomtil, & neuarton. IT helped allot with the symptoms but the long term effect of sub, I believe is un known, Sub Drs want you on it forever. MY insurance forced me off it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, it's been a year & 4 months the I took my last piece of sub smaller then an eye lash & half in size. Still went through hell. I hope you are now doing good, if not lets talk. I agree at 60 you don't want to be battling these issues.  
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My buddy is 45 days off 2mg and doing well...  everyone is different they say.  These meds screw with us in so many ways.  I had a great addiction doc tell me 6 months before anything is "regulated"
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That is all I  have been hearing, everyone is different. But I still think the sub caused these issues or masked them. Hoping to feel better soon.
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Thanks, the Creon helps me break down the food the pancreases can't now. I don't get sick from it, it actually helps. Funny how my sub counselor told me no PAWS with sub, boy was that a understatement. So I have a few months to go to feel better. I just want to feel better. I suck on peppermint like crazy, Some days I am fine, others I can't even get my head up. Thank for the help!!  
I don't know anything but I've heard ginger chews are good for the stomach
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so the .25 taper is too much at one time. the .10mg wean off just leaves me craving for another .25mg to help me out.  So, I'm sick all the way around. Back in 1988 when I kicked valium after a year of heavy abuse that almost killed me, and I was a younger man.
    I did however,  have the awful experience of speaking to Satan himself during my 5th night of wide awake sleeplessness as he melted thru the wal at me. That was a trip. Never again after those 10 days of CT hell..
     Now, I find myself addicted to 1.5mg of Sub every day. Without it, i can't walk, talk, screw, function, work, play, live. It's bad. Kratom does work, so get it, and get used to making a cup of tea every 2 hours.
   Can anyone tell me if there is a magic formula of jumping off at 1.5, or 1.25, or 1.0, or .75 etc., and do you think this is a low enough dose to think that it will be no problem......it'll be CT from as low as I can go until I run out... Right now, Just TRYING to taper from 1.75 to 1.50and STAY at the lower dose,  is hell on wheels. Please...... has anybody got anything to say that I might cling to for help. Thank-You.
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I'm down to between .25 and .50 . Getting below 2mg was the worse for me at 2 mg 50% of your brain is still covered with sub. Severe anxiety fast heart elevated b/p. Takes 30 days I think I went from 2 to 1 and just took the pain.
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I've been on Suboxone for a decade. I see no reason to stop. Before Subs I relapsed over and over again. Suboxone saved my life. I see no reason to stop. Why? I have stayed away completely from Oxys and... COCAINE. This miracle drug has changed my thinking in terms of romanticizing any and all drugs that I used to abuse.
Statistics of people getting off Subs and subsequently relapsing are very high. I dont want that to be me. Thank god for modern medicine.
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You can be on it forever, which my sub Dr recommended but MY HEALTH INSURANCE stopped paying for it & I could not afford to pay for them. So I was forced to quit it. It gives allot a false energy,I am 60 so the desire to do any drugs is long gone. If it keeps you clean & helps your maintain then go for it, but be warned there will be a day that you have to stop & it is not an easy process, I wish you much happiness & no bad feelings. Good luck to you. !!!
Kills the kidneys.
Please All Bupe, users read very carefully..For What I put down here, Is factual as well, As rare of a case that can be
Can you explain?  
I’m wondering also veryrarecase.....
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Yep. The first time I got off Sub, I felt just like you so I started back after smoking H for a month to kill my constant fibro and chronic pain.  When I got Subs again, I re started. Now I am weaning off to take 1/10 of 1mg a day forever. I need a painkiller and this is going to be it. I am 63 years old, and I don't care anymore. Taking 1/10th of 1mg for the rest of my life suits me just fine. I can function and walk and talk.
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