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Persistent Symptoms After Chlamydia Treatment

3 weeks ago I started having symptoms of chlamydia, including discomfort in the shaft & tip of penis, slightly yellow discharge, and consistent pain. I went to the ER where they tested me for both gonorreah and chlamydia. They gave me a shot and a round of azithromycin. I gave it a week and symptoms persisted but we're different this time. Throughout the day I would have frequent urination, randor pain in tip of penis (could only be 1 hour out of the whole day, completely random), and a sticky clear discharge that would cause the penis head to stick closed. This wasn't just in the morning, the discharge was slight to the point it wouldn't leave any marks in my underwear but everytime I would go to pee the discharge would keep my penis head stuck together. I went back to the ER where they told me that I did in fact test positive for chlamydia but tested negative for gonorreah. They said that it was strange because the azithromycin should've cleared it up. They gave me a 10 day cycle of doxycyline to take and see if symptoms would get better. After that treatment I still had the remaining clear sticky discharge which once again is slight but it's thereally and still makes my urethral opening stick together and slight pain/itch in the tip of the penis at random times of the day. At points I feel nothing at all as if it was fine but then it will just pop up. I visited the ER again last night where the doctor had said he highly doubts the treatment of the chlamydia didn't work. He said there is a possibility of residual symptoms that will gonly away on its own. I did however mention the possibility of connection with trich. He said it's possible but unlikely. He retested me for gonorreah and chlamydia, and made sure to also test for trich this time. Won't have the results until Tuesday. Side note I have remained sexually inactive during this time period to avoid reinvention. So my question is if anyone has experienced this sticky discharge that causes your urethral opening to stick together and if so what did it end up being? Also how long to residual effects of chlamydoa last after 2 treatments if that is indeed the case?
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