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So I'm 15 years old and recently about 2 months ago I has oral sex for the first time with a guy who has had multiply sexual partners in the past. A few weeks after I got a rash all over my privite area and I was having lower abdominal pain. I went to the doctor and was test for a uti which came back negative so they treated me for a yeast infection. The rash went away but I still have awful abdominal pain daily. My doctor and parents do not know I'm sexually active. I had a ultrasound of my ovaries and belly area and it all came back normal. I also had blood drawn. Now they are thinking about doing exploration surgey to see if I have scar tissue from last surveys. After having blood drawn, urine test, and and ultrasound do you think there is still a possibility I could have an std? The doctors have never brought it up but when I look online I get scared and nervous.
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Giving oral sex would have nothing to do with the pain and rash. If you had gotten an STD (which is low risk) it would be affecting your mouth/throat only.
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I have bloating and tiredness but that is really all.
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Not related to a STD
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