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Was I positive?

Dear Medhelp,

Around 1.5 year ago I've had sex with a guy. We did it safe and used a condom, but before he went in, we've touched each genitals and kinda rubbed them agains each other meanwhile we were "cuddling", it didn't went in and it didn't last for to long either. But after I had safe sex with him weird thing happened to me..

Right after I had sex I went to the toilet to pee, I don't think peeing ever hurt that much. This continued for days til weeks, but it slowly fade away after a while. After a few weeks I began to have symptoms like pain when and after urinating, a change in vaginal discharge and it got a strange smell, later I got pain in my lower belly and as far as I can remember, sometimes I bled a bit between my periods in (really little). I walked with this for around 3 to 4 months, until I got an extreme pain in my lower abdomen at my work. I wasn't able to work anymore and I called my doctor right away. She asked me if I had unsafe sexual contact, but because I was still at work and very nervous, I answered with a "no".

My dad picked me up and brought me to the doctor, where I had to pee in as small pot. The doctor didn't doubt to much and saw that I had a urinary infection, he told me he could see the bacterials swim.

He gave me 10 antibiotic pills. I took them and my symptoms slowly disappeared. Since I was still worrying about the possibility that I have been infected with chlamydia in the, I decided to take a STD test. Everything was negative and I was STD free, but of course this didn't mean that I never had one, but it might have disappeared when I took the antibiotics. I'm still worrying about it from time to time. I never found a solid answer to my question.

Maybe its good to know that when this happened I had a really dark period, and this thing made me even more stressed and depressed. This effected my body too. I've always had problems with my vaginal discharge, but not like this.

I also called the doctor but he told me you can only get effected when you have actual sex without a condom.

Anyway my thoughts and questions I want to ask you guys are:

What if he had/has chlamydia and the bacterial came on my vagina and because after that he got in, he maybe took it with him inside. Is it possible to get effected like that?

Was it coused by my urinary infection I had for a while?

Has anyone of you experienced this?

Are my chances to infinitely high (thats what i'm worrying most about)

I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks a lot for reading all the tekst I just wrote!

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I forgot 1 symptom which was itching time to time
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I see no reason to think that you got chlamydia. You had no risk and symptoms started too soon for chlamydia. Probably a UTI.
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Hey Vance, thank you for your quick responds!
Today I called the doctor and told him what happened, since I was quite occupied with these thoughts. I explained my story and asked him if it was possible to have chlamydia. He told me that only the touch of a penis and vagina together could give you as SOA. I also told him about the extreme UTI I have had. I forgot mention one thing, but in that period I also peed blood without having my menstruation. He told me I shouldn't worry to much because he guesses it was just a really UTI.

After that I heard that only a touch could be enough, I panicked.
I decided to call the person who I had sex with at that time.
He told me that after his half year long trip to Asia, he has been tested for an STD and yes.. he got Chlamydia. He always had sex with a condom he told me (except for his previous girlfriend who had been tested), but still he was diagnosed with the STD.

I don't know what to think, but it kinda made me feel really disappointed in myself, that I have been so naive, even though the penetration was safe. And of course i'm worried that I have to deal with the consequents of maybe Chlamydia causing infertility.

Still.. It isn't sure if I ever got it, but I have a really big chance because of the symptoms and the risk.

I want to ask you what you think, and if there is still hope I didn't got it.
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(It was another doctor btw)
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I still think that this is/was not a STD.

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