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cocaine and your heart

I was in extreme good physical condition.  Looked like a professional athlete.  Used cocaine from 40 to 48 almost died.  Went to hospital several times , suffered severe heart palpitation and collapsed several times. The only thing that saved my was my great physical condition before I started.  Now 65 I am starting to level off with my mental and physical conditions caused by my abuse.  I stopped cold turkey and boy did I pay the price.  Well after I stopped I had heart related issues.  Frozen or stiff valves and some areas of the heart which do not work.  I am now extremely short of breath all of the time and very sleepy constantly.  I have had every test procedure one can think of and I have been told that the problem with my lack of energy is in my head. Constant palpitations almost 10 per minute on average, sometime they almost take me to my knees.  Is the palpitations causing my shortness of breath?  Can the laser the area or nerve in the heart that is causing the palpitations to stop them.
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There are many different types of heart palpitations, and the treatment for each is unique. I'm not aware of a way to laser a nerve to make them stop and I'm not aware of nerves being the issue.  I thought palpitations, the type called ectopics beats, were caused by electrical issues in the muscle.
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