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Is this a herpes sore???

Thursday night, I felt weird below my buttocks,near the bikini line, and then I got little bumps. I think. There's at lease one. It's at a really bad angle to see it. Herpes? Acne? Razpor Burn? I'd had to shave because swimming was starting back up and the bathing suit rubbed a bit there. It was sore Friday, especially when my underwear/pants rubbed it, but it's gotten better, just a little uncomfortable if something rubs there. My buttcheek tingled in the same area when I was in the pool today. I tried trying to look at the zit/sore. I think it looks white-ish. Does this sound like Herpes or acne or a pool irritation?
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The butt is the wrong area for herpes (not impossible) and is not whitish. Have a blood test to confirm herpes or a swab of the sore.
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