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Testicle/Scrotum Pain with Foreskin problem

Ok first of all,

Went to urologist to check

2 months after contact from unprotected oral sex, HSV 1 & 2, VDRL, HIV - Negative (which my country take 2 months IGG blood test for HSV as confirm result.) Chlamydia Igg - Positive (which this might be fake result as I used to have Chlamydia, so definately Igg is not the correct way of checking the bacteria, and I ended up taking zithromax & doxycycline)

3 months after contact, Chlamydia Igm - Negative

After 4 month, urologist have no sign of HPV warts, conclude or high chance is Negative

5 months after contact, Gonorrhea Igm - Negative (Went for check because worried I might get infected of Super Gonorrhea, which I'm negative in this case.)

So here I am, STD free but what bothers me is I'm having reddish foreskin with peeling skin (I use the cream prescribed & it gets better, and it came back, which my doctor diagnosed me with foreskin issue, and advised for circumcise which I still considering.

And for the testicle pain, he say my left side has a little what they call thay veriocele vein which is not visible but can be check with ultrasonic.

So end of appointment and consultation. I got testicle pain on both testicle now, mild pain or discomfort maybe once to 3 times per day (feels like someone is grabbing your balls firmly but not strong, or someone is using a stick to poke it). The physical appearance looks fine but when i try to stretch the scrotum to see deeper or clearer anything there, what I saw is only few black veins? not at all scrotum but just some place at left, middle and right parts. scrotum a bit reddish, i did have some yeast infection and the entire scrotum peels as I took more than 5 sets of antibiotics, which i believe that was the cause.

I dont have twisted scrotum, I took doxy, acyclovir (suscpected to have herpes but I'm clear from it.) and it didn't solve my problem.

So, you guys facing the same thing? or you have any idea what's going on?

share with me guys, many thanks.
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