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reducing chemo

My mums ca 125 were 220 before surgery. She was diagnosed with stage 1c adeno endometriod carcinoma at surgery and her ca 125 gropped to 62 (2 weeks post op) After 3rd chemo(taxol and carboplatin) they had dropped to 15. Due to some tingling in feet and hands (neuropathy) the dr has reduced taxol at cycle 5 and may not give it for the final one. His reason were that my mum could be permanently disabled (unable to walk far and unable to dress properly) He also said that there was huge evidence in recent research to suggest tjhat 4 cycles are enough anyway.

Has this happened to anyone else. I would be very interested to hear
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My last two cycles were also reduced due to nueropathy.  I was also stage 1c.  So far, so good!  Prognosis for this stage is nearly a 90% cure rate. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed (no nueropathy left from it, either!).
My best to your mother.  
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I never had a CA 125 before surgery because they did not suspect cancer.  My was found on accident when they removed my ovary for endo. At that point they decided to do chemo first and then have me do the complete surgery.  My CA 125 before chemo was 65.  The first chemo it went to 18.  2nd chemo went to 10.  3rd chemo went to 16.  I stopped keeping track after that because it was stressing me out.

I only had full taxol the first chemo.  Maybe 15 minutes the second round of chemo because I had an allergic reaction.  The rest of my chemo carbo and gemzar.

I had the complete surgery after my 6 rounds of chemo and all pathlogy and washings came back NED.  I hope that makes you feel better for you mom.  I was never officially staged, but they think I was somewhere in stage 1.  They treated me like stage 3 because there was a 15% chance my ovary burst during the surgery when they found the cancer.  
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They dropped taxol from my last two cycles of chemotherapy because I was experiencing severe myalgia from the taxol my diagnosis was a stage 1 grade1 endermetriod carcinoma.

I was treated as a stage 3 cancer because it was my second dose of cancer and the ovary was adhered to the bowel upon removal.

So far so good,will know at my checkup next week whether me and NED are still friends

Good Luck to your mother

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Thank you all so much for your comments. My mums last treatment will be 6th March, not long now. We know that in so very many ways she has been lucky. Her tumour was a huge 30cm but because it was mostly fluid filled she was stage 1. The C was because they had to pop it during surgery because it was adhered to other organs.

I wish you all the very, very best indeed
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Wanted to add mine was a grade 1 endermetriod carcinoma too.  Good wishes and prayers to all you ladies!
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