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Bladder discomfort

Am kumar from Bangalore and age 28. one and half year back i had protected sex with a prostitue and next day pen got dicomfort and later started paining and i checked with general doctor and he took my urine and blood test and he gave medicine and nothing to worry. but my penis got pain, discomfort and burning sensation and later 3 months i went to Urologist, he took urnie, blood and sperm test. and i have explanind everything everything to him. he tested and said nothing to worry related to sexual diseases. i was taking treatment around 8 months. pain and discomfort doesnt stop. 6 months back i got a sperm when i get strainwhile going toilet. then my pain, burning sensation and discomformt everything reduced. again i checked with urologist. he took sperm test again and he said nothing to worry and he u dont have any type of disease. but still i am having sperm while staring only during toilet and lest pain and discofmort. This problem i am having around 1.5years.  Urologist said masturbute 2 times in a week. I am everyday last 6 months and my legs also painig.Please help me what would be the problem and treatment???????

Many thanks
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Follow up with your Dr, this has nothing to do with a STD. Due to negative tests and the fact that you had protected sex.
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