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Burning sensation - STD test negative

I've been experiencing a constant burning sensation/discomfort in my urethra for several months now.

I am a gay male and had started seeing someone new. We were messing around - some oral and body contact, including my penis rubbing on his anus. We weren't using any lube so I wasn't concerned about actually penetrating him but somehow he managed to get it in.  I immediately pulled out and said no sex without a condom. It happened again, so i pulled out and put on a condom.  The next day, I felt some tingling in my penis and verified that he had recently been tested for STD's. And of course he then disappears from the planet and also heard he may have some recreational drug habits.

A week or two goes by and the tingling is getting worse and turning into a constant burning sensation and I did notice some diluted blood in my urine (when a few drops of urine dripped on the toilet, it had a reddish color). I went to the doctor, urine test confirmed blood and white blood cells and they prescribed Levaquin. That seemed to improve my symptoms but they never completely went away - I didn't notice any more visible blood.

I went back to the doctor and they took a urine sample for STD test (Chlamydia/gonorrhea) and cultured the urine as well and prescribed doxycycline hyclate.  The culture didn't show anything and the STD test was negative and made an appointment with a urologist.  I have also had a HIV test (negative).

No change after the doxycycline and visit to the urologist did a prostate exam and test to see how well I emptied my bladder. He was confident there was nothing serious going on as STD tests were negative. He prescribed Pyridium.

After a few weeks of no change, I went back to my doctor for another urine test.  The STD test was negative again with trace of blood and white blood cells and was prescribed metronidazole.

No change after the metronidazole, a longer course of levaquin was prescribed since that initially seemed to improve my symptoms incase I did have a case of prostatitis.  However, there has been no change.  

I still have a constant low grade burning sensation in my urethra, no abdominal pain, no testicular pain, no discharge. The burning sensation is not worse while urinating. My doctor is out of ideas and next step is a second opinion from someone else (or another urologist).

Any other thoughts about what I might have going on?

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Hi, ive read this issue before and its seems quite common and was suggested by a doctor that there has been possibly some nerve damage inside the urethra from an injury from the act itself. And since it appeared the next day, this infact may be the cause.
Some times contracting a UTI, which would be possible from the unprotected anal, are hard to find in a std test, and since some blood appeared, it would be possible that you did have a UTI that went undetected but was treated, but some damage was done to the inside tissues also causing nerve damage.
Do talk to your urologist about this
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