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How is it possible I have an STI and neither of my partners do?

I have been diagnosed positive for chlamydia. I went to the doctors for yeast infection symptoms (thrush/heavy yellowish discharge). They took a culture then they made me do a urinalysis and have blood drawn a week later when they called me back in. I was retested and treated the same day. I've only been with 2 men in the last 9 months and both of them are currently negative and I've seen their records and they never had it. I had a full screening in October due to a severe yeast infection with abnormal symptoms and everything was absolutely clear besides the yeast infection which I was treated for. How is this possible?? Even if I did have it I've had unprotected sex, oral (giving/receiving) and vaginal with both of them more than than 3 or 4 times. The last instances were within days of each other so how could neither one have it if I even possibly had it. I am military, they test for all these things any time anything is abnormal with that area. I have not done ANYTHING remotely sexual with anyone or anything else. PLEASE HELP.
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It could be a false positive, have you done a retest with a swab?
It also can be that both men already cured it themselves, with or antibiotics (for something else) or by their immuunsystem. From what I understood this happens all the time, this is also the reason that from couples who go to STD and if one of the two has chlamydia it's mostly the woman. From this forum and other professionals I understood that this comes because in men the bacteria is in the area where the urine comes and with woman this is not the case! But still also a lot of woman cleares from Chlamydia without antibiotics, but it takes much longer. From a few articles in the older expert forum here Dr HHH mentioned that pre antibiotics time the clearing in men is usually within 5 to 6 month and in woman it can take up to 1,5 year. (and in rare cases up to 4 year) But still it would be better for woman to have it tested quickly before you could get any PID etc.
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