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Random Stinging on tip of penis throughout the day

Hello, I have been receiving this tingly/stinging feeling on the tip of my penis for some time now, it either occurs 1-3 times a day or none at all. I have been so anxious and scared to go get it checked out, I haven't been sexually active around 6-8 months of this happening and if I did have sex it was always protected. It normally occurs when i wear tight boxers, but if I wear the loose ones it only happens occasionally. Throughout these 6-8 months I have always checked to see if there were any discharge but I have not seen anything wrong, I have checked to see if there was something on my penis like a rash or a bump but I have not seen anything of the kind either. The most contact I've had with my penis for the past 8 months is with a fleshlight and heating it up with the tool, I assumed the tingling was because the fleshlight was too hot and irritated the tip of my urethra so I stopped using fleshlights, but it still occurred a month after continuously. I am planning to finally go and book an appointment but I am also very nervous and anxious about it all. It has almost been a year and I havent had any symptoms of any STI's other than Chlamydia or Gonorhea due to the tingly/stinging feeling, but it doesnt check out because the window period for those STI's have been way past that already. If anything I feel like the fleshlights could have given me a bacterial infection due to poor cleaning habits but I dont think it would last this long. Maybe my laundry detergent might be the cause? I would love to hear some advice as Im only 21 years old and I am very nervous and anxious...
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Chances that this is an STD are low, given your sexual activity.

So let's look at the rest - it happens more when you wear tight boxers - are they too small, or just form fitting, like boxer briefs? If they are too small, it would be worth the investment to buy some that actually fit.

Another thing to consider is if you are dehydrated. Even being a little dehydrated can cause irritation in your urethra. How is your water intake? How much caffeine do you drink? Caffeine is really irritating to your bladder and urethra, as is alcohol, and neither do anything good for anxiety.

Could it be a hyper-awareness of the area because you are anxious about STDs? I don't know which came first for you - the anxiety about STDs or the symptoms, which then caused the anxiety.

How is your hygiene? Especially if you have a foreskin, are you cleaning the area regularly? Do you use a gentle soap? You don't need a strong, scented, "manly" soap.

By all means, get it checked out and make sure you don't have a urinary tract infection or anything, and get tested for STDs if it will put your mind at ease, but also consider the rest.

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Well they dont fit too small but they are form fitted so they wrap around for sure, its just that this stinging/tingly feeling has never happened to me before and its been consistently happening, it does occur less when I wear looser boxers though. I normally drink a decent amount of water other than when I'm at work because of covid rules, and I dont normally drink caffeine or alcohol. The anxiety of STDs definitely came first and I had that anxiety for an STD a year before this started happening, and then I finally got these symptoms and now i've been even more stressed. I am circumcised and sometimes I will either shower every night or every other night, I use aveeno soap because I have eczema so I dont use any manly soap. How long can UTI's last if left untreated? I dont really have any burning sensation when I pee, but if I do its normally in the morning.
My guess is this is anxiety and a hyper-awareness of your genitals because of a fear of STDs. Your symptoms aren't consistent or constant, so it doesn't sound like an infection. It could also correlate with lower water intake at work. Is there a way you can have a water bottle at your desk or work station?

It's not that unusual for it to burn a little when you pee in the morning as your urine is more concentrated then, but it should only be slightly, and it shouldn't actually hurt.

An infection from a non-cleaned Fleshlight is a possibility, but again, you don't have constant or consistent symptoms. When you go get checked, make sure they look for white blood cells in your urine. If you google "how to clean a fleshlight", you can find detailed instructions on how to do that so you can actually use it. :)
Well it happened again today but I wasn't even thinking about it, it just randomly happened and I felt it. Yeah it doesnt hurt when I pee, I wouldn't say its not consistent because sometimes it occurs once a day when im just sitting at my desk. I usually just use really hot water to rinse it out so it could be the case of that since I've picked up fleshlights again.
Yeah, you need to learn how to really clean those, and it's quite a process. There are youtube videos and everything to help you learn, so take the time.

Also, just go get a urine test to see if you have a urinary tract infection or something. Rule that out, too.
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I may also add, that I dont feel any  burning or pain during urination, there would the odd occurence of a slight minor tingling sting after urinating but that only happens once in a while, sorry for adding so much responses I am just stressed out of my mind
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If anything I had unprotected oral but that was about 2 and a half years ago since then and I had no issues, so the time window on STI's wouldnt match up either
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