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No Diagnosis, Neck Lump Englargement

   My husband has been tossed around from doctor to doctor. Two endocrinologists, one ENT, one GP=I've lost track. Four pages of "pathology" reports: 'it could' "it might" suspicious for. " etc. Now I realize that they allegedly have NO IDEA if you have thyroid cancer until they take out the entire thyroid. This man, 73, has almost slept away the last ten years. He has lost weight and has good color; he looks good and sounds good. He has no raspy voice, no pain, no choking, but he did pass out once last year. He is a diabetic and had not had a drink in hours. He jumped right up, no fooling, and drove us twelve miles home. He had FNA with no anesthesia; his thyroid is FLAT. He just has this lump on the side of his neck, a hard one, the size of a ping pong ball, 1/3 of it on the exterior. The second endo said he is not hypothyroid (who IS, anyway)??HE has very dry hair.tan skin on face and arms. I am actually more concerned with the fact that he had kidney cancer in 2008 and his father, a heavy smoker to say the least, died of pancreatic cancer. Husband has never touched a cigarette and hates alcohol. Hypothetically, lelt's say all the doctors are full of it. How many grains (it says grains on the bottles) of Armour Thyroid should he work up to? We cannot ask the doctors this because they say his thyroid is fine but has "possible Hurthle" cells in it. Will the Armour reduce the size of this lump? The doctors won't touch it or mention it . All they want is testing and surgery. All we want is some hope. I have watched this lump on the right side of his neck disappear and reappear for six years. Thanks, Susan
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